Discover the Power of Muscle Building Supplements for Muscle Growth

The right muscle building supplements can help you recover faster and remain healthy during hypertrophy muscle growth phases. Here are the 5 best supplements for muscle growth. 

Right Muscle Building Supplements can make the Difference!

Want to double your muscle gains in half the time? Then use the right muscle building supplements.

You train hard, eat the best muscle building foods but still look for that edge that separates you from mediocre bodybuilders.

The kind of edge only the right supplements used at the right time can provide. 

Enter the 5 best, research backed, proven muscle building supplements. Its time to make the modern science work for you.

But remember!

There are hundreds of companies just wanting to make a quick buck. Yes there are people just out there to get your money. 

But with the information in this article you will make smart decisions to save money and get the best results.

Use the information below to discover the best supplements, the best place to buy and the best way to use them for maximum muscle in minimum time.

Inside This Article:

Truth Vs Hype in the Bodybuilding World

Media houses and advertising have taken over the world and the same is true for bodybuilding supplements. The best marketed supplement wins the selling war.

But not for informed bodybuilders. As an informed bodybuilder its our duty to use only those supplements that are safe, effective, high quality and worth the money. 

Supplements tell only a part of the story. They publish half truths, hide facts and even blatantly lie to promote their supplements. FDA does not evaluate supplements and hence its our prerogative to know what we are putting in our body.

Also its very difficult to get unbiased reviews on supplements because most magazines and bodybuilders have a conflict of interest. Most supplement companies are owned by muscle magazines and use them as a tool for selling their line of products.

Even major bodybuilding websites publish articles with subtle promotions of supplements and make you believe that you need supplements to look like that bodybuilder.

They all have their ulterior motives!

But there is more truth to the story than this. But should every bodybuilder take supplements? Lets find...

Do you need Muscle building Supplements?

"If you can eat 6 quality meals a day, have super appetite, and enough time to cook everyday, then you don’t need supplements."

But what about times when you have little/no time to cook?

But if you don’t, then supplements are a great boost. The biggest reason you need supplements is for Convenience and Ease.

In today’s busy world we bodybuilders do not have the time to prepare all of our meals. Also building muscle means eating a lot of calories. Drinking a few high quality shakes only helps us.

Additionally there are times like pre and post-workout when liquid nutrition absorbs faster and can provide instant energy and raw material for protein synthesis. Faster protein synthesis means faster growth.

But remember supplements are not replacement for real food. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for real, tasty muscle building foods.

But when used properly, supplements can help us a lot. Lets find the absolute best ones...

The 5 Best Supplements for Muscle Growth

You eat at least 3-4 quality meals per day, know a few good muscle building recipes and want to add a few quality supplements for calories/protein/fat intake. Here the ones you need to start with.

  1. Multi-vitamin/mineral
  2. Protein Supplements
  3. Essential Fats
  4. Creatine
  5. BCAA around workout

Unless you are taking these supplements, there is no point in adding low benefit supplements like glutamine, ZMA, Nitric Oxide Boosters etc.

1. Multi-Vitamin/Mineral/Anti-oxidant

Vitamins, mineral and anti-oxidants from real, whole vegetable and fruits should be your first choice. But 99% of bodybuilders don’t get it right due to our busy lifestyles.

Want to make it easier for your body to digest and absorb the quality food you are eating? Take a quality multi-vitamins/mineral/anti-oxidant supplement to your nutrition plan.

These micronutrients make it easier for your body to use the foods you eat rather than finding them in your stomach and intestine.

A good multi vitamin should:

  • contain all the essential micronutrients
  • made from organic ingredients
  • made from whole vegetables, fruits and greens and 
  • preferably have enzymes for total micro nutrition

I have found VGF-25 which contains 25 of whole foods to be of great value. I found excellent benefits in mere 2 weeks of its use.

Also make sure you get 1 gram of vitamin C per day in two divided doses PLUS 400 IU of Vitamin E.

2. Protein Supplements

This is a biggie. Without enough high quality proteins you will NEVER build rock solid muscle mass. There simply will be not enough raw materials for muscle repair and growth.

There is no substitute for quality, complete proteins. And best protein supps like whey should be your first choice.

Whey Protein tops the list of protein sources because they

  • are complete proteins
  • have highets biological value and
  • have plenty of BCAAs which are proven to maximise protein synthesis

My recommendation?

Prograde and Biotrust protein powders.

I currently use Biotrust and they are very effective and immensely tasty. Try them.

What about Casein? Casein, although a milk protein is not a great source due to low biological value but since they release amino acids slowly, you can use them as a bedtime meal for longer protein release into the night.

What about Meal Replacement Powders? I generally do not like Meal Replacement Powders because the ratio of proteins to carbs is not ideal. They are loaded with sugars and can cause fat storage. Also they are expensive, you can simple make your own MRP with a few tricks.

3. Essential Fats

essential fats

When was the last time you have high quality fish, olive oil salads and nuts/seeds regularly? At least for a month?

Most of us are highly deficient in essential oils and yet they have to make u at least 30% of a bodybuilders mass plan.

How to get the job done? Try high quality oils like fish oil and olive oil.

They not only add healthy muscle building calories, but they also help neural recovery and improve your blood lipid profile. Thereby your brain recovers faster for more intense workouts.

I give other sources of high quality fats here but adding essential oils to protein shakes{not around workouts tough} will make our job easier.

But fish oil companies have grown a dozen. Use high quality EFA pils like this Krill Oil for both health and muscle reasons.

4. Creatine Monohydrate

creatine monohydrate

If there is one power supplement you should try, then its creatine monohydrate

Bodybuilders, weight lifters and trainers sing praises of this supplement and for good reason. It Works! Powerful research backs it up too.

The best form is creatine monohydrate powder which when taken along with glucose before workouts provides instant boost in strength by increasing your ATP level{ creatine phosphate donates the high energy phosphate bonds to ADP and helps faster energy production}.

Although creatine is present in foods like beef and read meats, adding creatine during high intensity hypertrophy phases like NNMB Hypertrophy weeks will work wonders.

They help you lift more and lifting more weights means more muscle growth.

5. Branched Chain Amino Acids {BCAAs}


The latest supplement which works very hard for you in building muscle mass is BCAA.

The BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine are preferentially taken up by your muscle cells so I suggest you use them only around workouts for best cost-benefit.

BCAAs also reduce body fat and so help you build leaner body.

I have mentioned the details of peri-workout nutrition elsewhere. Just make sure you add the recommended amounts of BCAAs to the mix.

How to use Supplements for best results

Remember the story about the guy who tried to fit in big rocks in the jar after filling it with sand and gravel? He could not find many big rocks.

Put First Things First!

Your high quality muscle foods/meals are the big rocks and the supplements are the sand and gravel.

Fill you nutrition plan with big rocks, i.e. your muscle meals first, ONLY THEN add the supplements/shakes at times when you need them.

Here are my tips:

1. Decide your 3 meals per day. I suggest breakfast, lunch and dinner. Learn to cook at least one meal a day. That is at least. Anabolic Cooking Recipes help.

Then add proteins powders like whey for convenience at times when you cannot get solid nutrition.

If you find early morning breakfast difficult, then add a shake there and eat 3 meals at other times.

2. Get a hold on your Peri-workout nutrition: Around your workouts, both before and after {and during workouts for accelerated muscle gainers}, liquid nutrition combination of whey proteins, BCCAs and glucose work best.

They are easier to eat, easier to digest and faster to absorb, giving you the best energy and building materials for immediate protein synthesis. They also inhibit protein breakdown during and after workout.

3. Add a multi-vitamin/mineral everyday, preferably the same time of each day because they have 24 hour action.

4. Avoid essential fats and oils around workout as they can cause unwanted insulin response and fat storage.

5. Drink plenty of water with supplements to aid digestion and keep kidneys healthy.

Supplements for Advanced Bodybuilders

Got a perfect nutrition and supplementation plan in place? Got your nutrition bases covered 95% of the time? Then add advanced bodybuilding supplements for the final edge.

Remember they lie on the wrong side of the 80/20 principle, but advanced trainers do need them for the final push.

But as usual, very few work, very few have the scientific backing and are safe. So be very, very careful.

Supplements worth trying

  • Glutamine
  • Chromium Polynicotinate
  • Magnesium
  • zinc
  • acetyl l-carnitine
  • Arginine
  • Beta alanine

Supplements worth avoiding

  • Myostatin inhibitors
  • Nitric Oxide boosters
  • Testosterone boosters

Supplements for Peak Health

Peak health and energy are the key to life and fitness. Freedom from disease is the key to train consistently.

If you have little energy or have an highly acidic internal environment, your health and muscle gain suffer.

Adding a greens supplement can fill the nutrition gap created by irregular veggies and fruits eating.

Add detox methods for bodybuilders too. Keep a healthy and clean internal body system, your muscles will thank you.

Where to buy the Highest Quality Supplements

Buying your supplements online is great for 3 reasons:

  1. Fast and Convenient 
  2. Reliable as direct shipping from company
  3. Highest quality and best price due to BBB trust and company guarantee.

I suggest two companies which make very high quality supplements. I have found they do not compromise on quality and hence have my recommendation.

Biotrust and Prograde. 

My 4 Week Supplementation Plan for Double Results

Join my free newsletter to download my personalised 4 week supplement to add to your nutrition plan for doubling your muscle gains in half the time.

I recommend NNMB Muscle Building Program as it combines the best of nutrition and supplements into one cool fast muscle gain program. Try it, it can change your body and life!

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