3 Best Muscle Building Programs for Beginner Bodybuilders

Beginner Muscle building is an amazing time. With the right muscle building program, beginners can add up to 1 - 2 lbs of muscle mass every week for first few weeks. Choose the best beginner bodybuilding program for you and get started.

Its noisy out there.

  • Gain 12 lbs in one week with this magic supplement!
  • Build 15 lbs in 2 weeks only with this magic product !

Such claims may sound crazy but thousands of beginner muscle builders fall for such claims every day.

I did too. After losing time and money I realised that I need a complete program that will teach me exactly how to build muscle.

When I started bodybuilding, there were only a few good books {but a ton of useless magazines}, but today you have some excellent options for the fastest gains of your life. 

But how do you know the best from useless ones?

Simple. Put your blinders on and stay focussed on what works. Especially what works for natural bodybuilders like you and me, not for bodybuilders on steroids with a decade of experience.

This article reveals how to select the best program for you and also reveal 3 of the best programs I have personally used on myself/my clients for best gains.

Inside This Article:

Why Beginners need a Rock-solid Muscle Building Program

Today I rub shoulders with few of world's best strength coaches and here is what they say:

"Beginners are lucky, they grow like a weed for first few months. I train advanced bodybuilders and need cutting edge info".

"Beginners can grow on any program"

"I don't work with beginners because they don't need a program. They can even build muscle playing sports."

Since I was a beginner hardgainer, I don't buy into any of these. As a beginner I struggled to gain a few ounces and experts talk about pounds and pounds. I train beginners differently.

Actually we cannot blame experts as they train elite athletes who have reached their genetic potential and are looking for that small edge.

But what about beginner bodybuilders? Beginner Bodybuilders need a step-by-step plan to take them from being skinny to become muscular and strong. and this plan should be written for beginners who have very little knowledge about training and nutrition.

The biggest reason I gained 24 pounds of muscle mass in 15 short weeks is because I followed a Program written for me.

Yes, I made a lost of mistakes before I made a plan for myself but  2 week magical magazine programs only left me with a hole in my purse {and 2 weeks of wasted efforts}.

With that, lets see...

How to Select the Best Muscle Building Program for you

First: Do not consider buying the best advertised, highly promoted  and magical looking program unless you are convinced it works for average folks.

Here are the things to look for before buying a beginner muscle building program:

1. Is the program for beginners and written by someone who was like you before?

Does the program give you advice on how to start training? With due respect to exercise science grads, many programs expect people to know a lot of technical terms and unnecessary jargon.

2. Does the program teach you the best way to train?

Proper training is the best stimulus to muscle growth. Your program should come with video exercise instructions to teach you optimal weight training techniques. A book without pictures can lead to injuries or incorrect exercise techniques. Videos are best for learning exercise form.

3. Is the program heavy on supplements?

Here's a secret. Many businessmen have entered the online world with one aim - to make money and supplements means big money. They hire experts write programs which they later use to sell supplements to program buyers. Buyers beware. 

4. Does the program come with a guarantee? Picture Testimonials?

Guarantee of refund means the author believes that the program works and real life testimonials from users gives you more faith in the program.

5. Have you read an unbiased review of the program?

Is the program everything it promises to be. Read reviews from unbiased authors to know more about the program and how it will help you.

3 Best Muscle Building Programs for Beginners

With the above 5 factors in mind, I reviewed 29 books/ebooks/programs and have selected the 3 best programs for beginner bodybuilders.

  1. No Non-sense Muscle Building Program
  2. MI40 Muscle Building Program
  3. Body Transformation Blueprint

1. No Non-sense Muscle Building Program

Are you a skinny guy looking to gain weight? Then you have no better coach than Vince Delmonte.

Once a skinny marathon runner, Vince turned his life around in mere 6 months when he gained 41 pounds of muscle mass.

His story is similar to mine and I am impressed with his passion, knowledge and ability to help other skinny guys build muscle.

His program, the No Nonsense Muscle Building Program is a 29 week beginner muscle gain program that teaches you training, diet and mental strategies to go from skinny to muscular. 

The program also includes:

  • A 4 week bodyweight training for beginner weight trainers
  • 29 weeks of power muscle building for you once you finish the beginner program
  • Power muscle shakes
  • Muscle Building Videos with 2 hours of Vince showing you how he trained for his transformation 
  • and much more.

I have reviewed the NNMB Muscle Program here.


  • Complete step-by-step guide for beginners
  • Posture building program if you have muscle imbalances which can hamper your results
  • 4 week bodyweight training program
  • Video instructions
  • Bonus Advanced program for more muscle building
  • Separate guides for women
  • Huge list of common questions


No follow up: Although the program gives everything you need to get started, some beginners appreciate a "hows it going" email from the author. 

This drawback is common to all muscle building programs and only personal coaching can overcome this.

Not altogether a drawback, this is more of a my suggestion.

Click here for a small video where Vince shares his amazing muscle building transformation.

2. MI40 Muscle Building Program

Looking for a program that teaches THE BEST WAY TO TRAIN?

Then I highly recommend Ben Pakulski's MI40 Program. Its a 40 day muscle building challenge. I have never seen a program that teaches training in such depth.

Its a must have for both beginner and intermediate bodybuilders. I have learnt a few things myself and I have been training over a decade! 

It teaches you:

  • 40 best exercises
  • 40 workouts
  • 40 second perfect sets
  • 40 minute plans 
  • Nutrition plan and a lot more...

It slight heavy on supplements but Ben Pakulski is firm on using supplements only after your nutrition is near perfect. 


  • Short term, so keeps motivation high
  • Very targeted program, no if and buts
  • Perfect technique teacher
  • To the point nutrition strategies
  • backed by science


  • No follow up
  • You will need a training partner

Click here to know more about the MI40 Program from Ben himself.

3. The Body Transformation Blueprint

Its third on my list but do not underestimate the Body Transformation Blueprint program {BTB}.

Earlier called The Muscle Gain Truth, BTB is written by a former skinny guy Sean Nalewanyj.

Its a 26 week program designed for beginner bodybuilders {ectomorphs} to build muscle.


  • Detailed videos of exercises
  • cheap muscle meal plans
  • beginner week-by-week program
  • Support from author


  • No follow up.
  • Less features compared to above programs

Click here to learn more about The Body Transformation Blueprint.

Which Program to Choose

You cannot go wrong with either the No Nonsense or the MI40 program,.

Read the articles on their websites and see which appeals to you.

I personally recommend NNMB Program because it gives so much value for your money.


There are plenty of free programs not worth a dime. I have tried many and regretted.

If you are serious, I highly recommend to commit to any of the 3 programs above. 

These program gives you a right direction, a path created by those who have travelled the road and succeeded. 

Dont re-invent the wheel. just follow them.

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