Do You Know The 5 Awesome
Muscle Building Secrets for
Fast Muscle Gain?

So What is the Fastest Way to Build Muscle? That's the Question I am often asked.

You see after years of failure I had gained 24 pounds of muscle mass in 15 Weeks without dangerous drugs or useless supplements and became the Muscle Building Transformation Story in my Gym. 

And on the way I had discovered 5 Muscle Building Secrets that if put together in one program can help any skinny hardgainer build muscle fast.

Real Fast! 

Are You Ready for..

  • The Same Muscle Building Exercises and Workouts I used myself and now teach my clients for exceptional muscle gains

  • The Most Effective Muscle Building Nutrition and Supplement secrets that helps you recover faster and builds a lean, muscular body

  • The Best Strength Training Techniques to lift more and gain muscle mass consistently week after week

  • Effective Mental strategies to build the powerful Muscle Mindset and set inspiring goals that force you take massive action

    And All these while you Enjoy the Muscle lifestyle and Live Life Large!

Nirvana, Right? Even Better...Muscle building Nirvana!

Interested? If so, welcome! You may be reading this at home, but you are on the road... a cyber-road to "Muscular Perfection."

Its time to Build Muscle, Get Big and Enjoy Life!

Here are the 5 Biggest Things I learned on my muscle building journey. Follow my exact steps and build more muscle mass in the next 6 weeks than you did in the last 3 months!

In this article you will also find tips on how to stay focussed, be consistent and build the body of your dreams.

Muscle Building Secrets to Gain Muscle Mass Naturally Without Dangerous Drugs, or Useless Supplements 

Muscle Building Secret One:
Stimulate Muscles with High Threshold Muscle Building Exercises

High Threshold Training targets type IIB muscle fibers which grow fastest!

It took time for me to realise this secret. No two exercises are created equal.

After months of ineffective exercises, I learned that the only job of training is to stimulate maximal muscle growth because more stimulation means more muscle growth.

And the most effective way to do is to target fast twitch type IIB fibers that have highest growth potential.


Select High Threshold Exercises and Train with high intensity AND high volume.

These two high tension techniques ensures maximum muscle damage triggering the muscle building process. 

Once I added these two principles, my results skyrocketed.

I cover these in the Muscle Building Exercises section.

Muscle Building Secret Two:
Eat Caloric and Nutrient-Dense Muscle Building Foods You Enjoy

Once stimulated, your muscles need high quality nutrients at regular intervals for muscle repair and growth.

Feed Muscles with High Quality, Nutrient and Caloric Dense Foods with proper meal planning for best gains.

Optimal Muscle Building Nutrition means:

  • Optimising your Peri workout nutrition {before, during & after workout}
  • Quality complex carbohydrates, first class proteins and essential fats at every meal and
  • Drinking plenty of clean water for best digestion and absorption

It also means eating foods you always enjoyed {Not foods from across the world from a different culture!}.

Mastering nutrition took me some time. I was training hard at the gym but lack of proper diet plan and basic cooking skills at home & food selection when eating out shortchanged my results.

I was quick to learn though

I learnt that just 5 to 10 quick muscle building recipes can help me reach my nutrition goals faster and also give me healthy, muscle nourishing nutrients my body wanted.

In the Muscle building Diet / Nutrition section I will help you

  • create a solid eating plan
  • find best muscle building foods
  • select best muscle building snacks

Remember most muscle builders do train well, but nutrition mistakes cut their muscle gains by 50% in my opinion. So its time to double up your muscle gain with optimal nutrition strategies.

Muscle Building Secret Three:
Proven Muscle Building Supplements Can Make Dramatic Difference provided they Supplement and not Replace Your Targeted Nutrition Plan

I am not a big fan of supplements but we should not blindly ban all supplements.

Not all supplements are equal. Some are great, most are a waste, and few are required for advanced professionals only.

But few excellent supplements can drastically help you

  • lift more
  • grow faster, and
  • recover better 

And there is one more reason you should use supplements

For Convenience

Today you have a lot of things on your plate. In our busy life/work schedules we sometimes miss our meals or simply don't have the time to cook.

Supplements offer a convenient way to fill those nutrition gaps.

Today we have plenty of well researched high quality supplements. Why not take advantage of the best technology has to offer?

The Muscle Building Supplements section will show you how to use the best supplements and avoid the bad ones.

Muscle Building Secret Four:
Enjoy the Muscle Building Process and Lifestyle

Stay Motivated by constantly reminding what you will do with your new muscular body

You enjoy tasty foods, meet sexy people, and have fun.
Whats there to complain?

Most muscle builders think bodybuilding is like a chore or pain in the  _____{you know where}.

They believe that muscle building is something to get done with before you start to enjoy life.

Not true!

If you get desperate for results you will take desperate measures. Or even give up!

Muscle Building is very rewarding but only when you enjoy the process.

Hey who doesn't like getting stronger, muscular while enjoying tasty muscle building foods?

So enjoy them! Enjoy the journey!

The results will follow but to get there you need to enjoy the journey and the process.

Start cool clothing, hang out with cool people and live life large. Life is too short to waste being skinny and boring!

The Muscle lifestyle section is all about Enjoying the Journey, the process. In this section you will find cool fashion trends, dating tips {not mine} and how to live life to max by living it large.

Muscle Building Secret Five:
Don't Re-invent the Wheel. Learn from Real Experts

Success leaves clues. So does muscle building success.

I am a muscle success story. There are thousands others.

So why not take clues from muscle builders who have wasted years and finally found results? Why re-invent the wheel.

Don't try to be a pioneer. Just Follow a Proven path.

For years I wasted money and effort following programs from muscle mags, only to find that conventional programs won't work for hardgainers like me.

I found out that most of my role model bodybuilders were either blessed mesomorphs or were on drugs and could grow by eating anything.

With such wrong role models could promote anything as long as they were paid, I wasted huge sum of money.

But following advice from natural muscle builders who really knew how to build muscle mass, and simple lessons I learnt from Muscle Physiology, my body and life changed.

Not all those who have built muscle know how to tell. Only few has the ability to put in words and action how to exactly do it.

The Muscle building Program Reviews Section you will find program reviews and

  • Which programs are best
  • Which are just OK and
  • Which ones to avoid like Plague

P.S. Not all bodybuilders are liars. But to compete they need money. And to make money most bodybuilders promote stuff they don't even use just like actors  advertising soft drinks and detergents!


Stop Searching for Miracle Muscle Building Programs

"Every program works, but nothing works forever."

Charles poliquin, one of the World's best Strength Coach calls it the biggest mistake of his early training days.

Dan Kennedy calls it the Shiny Object Syndrome.

I call it "those wasted years". 

What is it?

The Doomed Search for the Perfect Miracle Program

It doesn't exist. Why? Because your body adapts fast to any program you ude. That's why!

Did you know that in as little as 6 workouts your body adapts to the exercises, workouts and even the program itself.

At this point most people quit. {that is why average gym membership lasts 2 months!} And Right Knowledge Wins!

But Equipped with right knowledge you can make small adjustments and continue to grow until you reach your desired body. I will show you how to do that.

So every program works like a miracle for 6 weeks, after which you NEED to change a few variables to keep growing.

So stop wasting time for next shiny syndrome. Instead apply the 5 principles you learnt today and use the 7 step plan and start to grow.

Its time you get real results, not empty promises {and empty purse!}. 

But with so many hard to resist offer what to do? You Just...

Go On An Information Diet

There are 20 million+ websites selling diet advice and probably a thousand books. Its easy to get lost in the sea of information and feel paralysed.

Its easy to get confused reading a gazillion articles on bodybuilding.

Thats why I started this website.

At all I ask you is to trust me, trust the process and stay focused on building muscle.

NO need for you to read dozens of articles or newsletters. I do it for you. 

You just...

Put your blinders on and focus on building muscle.

Its easy to get mislead, spending countless hours in bodybuilding forums talking to half-heads who are nothing but arm chair experts.

Rather I urge you to go on information diet, not information overload.

Be selective. Stay focused. And I promise results will follow.

And to do that you need to believe...

Believe in Yourself and Believe in The Muscle Building Process

Here is where rubber hits the road.

Even the best program does not guarantee results unless YOU believe it will work.

You might think well it worked for you, but not me. I am different.

Building Muscle happens when you believe you CAN DO IT.

It all starts with Self-belief.

Do you have absolute unshakeable belief that you will build your dream body?


Because Only if can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.

No one has stumbled on to a great body by accident!

The only difference between me and my friends who gave up was the belief I had in myself.

I promised myself that I will do anything and everything {legal and natural of course} I needed to build my dream body.

Why? I believed that I deserved a great body.

You too deserve a great body.

But life demands that you pay the efforts in full and in advance.

Work the process, and results will follow.

But it all starts with Believing in Yourself. Thousands have done it. And so can you.

I believe in you.

With unshakeable belief, all you need to do is...

Master Consistency and Patience for Real Results

You can have the best program in the world, best supplement and diet plan, but without the twin qualities of patience and consistency, ALL EFFORTS WILL BE WASTED.

Sorry for shouting. But if only hardgainers stuck to their programs and make small adjustments when needed instead of stop-and-search for new programs, we would have sexy, muscular people in every gym living life to the fullest.

We would have fewer Matynnes {i.e. people like me}, fewer people who waste years and more ones enjoying the the incredible benefits of muscle building.

So be committed to the program and the results will be worth the effort. 

What's stopping you?

All Set? Ready? So...

Where do you Begin?

Feeling Overwhelmed? Don't!

Just begin at the beginning. take one step at a time but never stop.

Begin with my 7 Step Muscle building Plan.

Building Muscle is like building your dream home. You need a complete blueprint which will excite you and inspire you to get started. 

Click Here to begin Your Muscle building Journey TODAY!

Take Charge, Launch Now, The Wait is Over!
To Your Muscle Building Success,

Matynne Sidd
Masters in Physiology
Build Muscle. Get Big. Enjoy life!

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