My No Fail 7-Step Plan to
Build Muscle & Gain Mass Faster

Gain 10 Pounds of solid muscle mass in next 6 Weeks with my
7 Step Muscle Building Plan!

Put on Your Muscle Building Hat!
We are entering the Muscle Construction Phase

On the Muscle Building Homepage you learnt the 5 Targeted Muscle Building Principles. You learnt how muscle building works like a combination lock and needs the right keys, in the right order to unlock your muscle growth potential. 

Now its time to use those 5 principles and create your laser-focused, targeted 7 Step Muscle Gain Action Plan

Why you need a Muscle Building Plan

Guess what does a top-notch construction engineer need before starting to build a dream house...? 

...A detailed blueprint!

He will need the floor plan, design details, interior design and of course the time frame for completion. A detailed blueprint is the key for your dream home success.

Or else there will be renovations all the way!

Your Muscle Building Blueprint prevents such renovations

Unlearning is most difficult, so learn well the very first time

Just like your dream home, your dream body needs a step by step approach.

You should build the right mindset, select best exercises and learn optimal nutrition before you start your muscle building journey. And once you begin, you need tools to ensure consistent results, week after week.

And this clarity of planning guarantees faster results.

P.S. My clients pay 50$ for 20-30 minutes of consultation where we go through these exact steps in person. It works. Just try and see.

7 Steps to Muscle Mass - The details

Grab a pen and paper {workout journal is better} and follow the instructions below.

If you follow the step-by-step muscle gain plan, by the end you will have the best program created for you. And you will know more than 95% of your gym buddies on how to build muscle mass faster.

My 7 Step Muscle Building Formula that helped me
gain 24 lbs of muscle  in 15 weeks

Step One: Master Decision

It is in the Moments of Decision, your Muscle Building Destiny is Shaped!

1. Decide EXACTLY How Much Muscle Mass You Want to Build and WHY

The first step to fast muscle gains for you is to Dream your dream body, give enough reasons, set a deadline and create an action plan. 

Launch {Knowing your Why} --> Acquire Right Tools and Info --> Measure --> Reach Your Goal!

Step Two: The Master Science

No Blind Shooting. Know What to do Exactly and get Results

2. Master the Simple Science of Fast Muscle Building

You can build muscle mass the "Fast and Easy way" or the "Slow and Hard way". And there are 5 simple science secrets that stand in the way.

I prefer The Fast Way and in this article you will find 5 things you should do in every workout and on the kitchen table for fast gains.

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Step Three: Master Workout

3. Design Your Personalised Muscle Building Workout

Here you will find how to design your own personalised 3 day, 4 day or 5 day workout plan and tips how to make each workout double effective.

Step Four: Master Exercises

4. The Best High Threshold Muscle Building Exercises

Effective Muscle Training with high threshold muscle building exercises are best at stimulating fast muscle growth. 

In this article you will discover the best high tension techniques that will create maximum muscle stimulation in minimum time.

Step Five: Master Nutrition

5. Best Muscle Building Nutrition Strategies  - Eat to Grow 

To muscle repair and recovery you need to create a muscle eating plan with caloric and nutrient dense muscle building foods and meal plans.

In this article you will find information on 

  • How much to eat
  • what to eat,
  • when is best time to eat and
  • how to make simple tasty muscle meals

Step Six: Master Supplements

6. Best Muscle building Supplements that Really Work

Quality muscle building supplements can accelerate growth and recovery and help you reach your muscle goals faster.

This article shows 

  • the best supplements for overall growth
  • supplements for post-workout recovery
  • supplements for strength gains

Step Seven: Master Lifestyle

7. Enjoy the Muscle Lifestyle and Live Life Large

Let's put fun back into muscle building. 

This section { I have written along with other experts} shows you how to 

  • Dress
  • make exciting friends
  • hang out with fun people
  • date your dream girl and much much more

its time to make others jealous of your new high-energy, sexy muscle lifestyle.

Why Most Muscle Builders Fail and
What You Should About It

Most muscle builders fail due to random acts of muscle activity

"Muscle Success is not due to random combustion. You have to set your efforts on fire consistently". 

Most muscle builders fail as they follow what I call “random acts of muscle activity”.

What do I mean by random acts of muscle activity? Here's how it goes...

  • Few intense workouts PLUS
  • Random over-eating AND
  • Gobbling few high calorie shakes
  • Miracle Supplement { hidden or unproven ingredients}

These will add a pound or two to your frame but bigger changes require focussed planning as there are more keys to the muscle puzzle. Also trying unproven supplements might be injurious to health.

Unlock the Muscle Puzzle

But if you understand that Muscle Building is like a combination lock with 7 muscle keys, you will maximise every key for best results. 

Your only job is to open all the keys, leaving your body no options but to grow. 

But miss any key and you get little or no results. Use them AS IS, you will be on your way inching closer to muscular perfection.

Dont waste anymore time
Start Now and live your dream life

Today we know about building muscle mass naturally than ever before.

We have the best knowledge in terms of training, nutrition, recovery and mental strategies accumulated both from science and in the trenches training.

Why not take advantage of the best the world has to offer?

Besides the early you start on the right track, the fast you start to enjoy your life.

Delaying efforts will only delay results.

So just do it. Step One is Waiting. Ring the Bell, class is in session {muscle building session!}. 

Step One: Set an Exciting Muscle Building Goal that Inspires Action.

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