The New Science of Muscle Building
Its Time to GROW Fast!

Did you know that most skinny guys don't attain even 10% of their muscle building potential? 

They work hard, train with high intensity and eat like crazy. But 95% fail. Why?

Due to misinformation!

Most hardgainers try one or more muscle programs promoted by bodybuilders on steroids in magazines, don’t see any muscle gains and wonder why they failed to gain any muscle. Actually they didn’t fail, its the program that failed them.

How do I know? 

I know because such mistakes kept me skinny and weak at 98 pounds {yes! 98lbs} for 2 years. My life changed when I discovered the simple science of fast muscle building helped me gain 24 pounds of muscle mass in 15 short weeks. Since then I have gained 62 pounds in under 3 years.

And now its your turn. I am here to help.

Inside This Article:

Why You Need to Know the Science of Muscle Building

Because conventional bodybuilding programs don't work for us skinny ectomorphs. They were never going to work for us as they were never meant for us in the first place. They are designed to make big guys on juice even bigger. 

Only personalized muscle building or designing a program suited for the ectomorph hardgainer will work for you. And your program should be built on sound scientific principles.

I am sure a smart guy like you knows that right information is the key {or you would not be reading this article!}. Since this is true, guess what would happen if you apply wrong information or misinformation? It will be ineffective, will create confusion and kill any results.

I have found that 95% of hardgainers remain skinny and weak even after years of training. Knowledge remains their only obstacle. 

The science of muscle building shows you the way out of skinny body curse and turn it into muscle building blessing. 

I will provide you the right information with actionable plans.

Here you will find information like:

  • Muscle Anatomy 101 and Muscle Growth 101
  • The 10 muscle building principles of training, nutrition and mindset
  • How learning from the masters is the shortcut to muscle success
  • Free Top 20 Biggest Muscle building mistakes Ebook & Success stories
  • Summary with key points

I will also give you strategies to make each step more effective so that your time, effort and money is well spent. We have no time to waste right?

Muscle Anatomy 101 and Muscle Growth 101

Every muscle builder should know basic muscle anatomy. What are muscles made up of, how they work and how they get bigger is the key to creating a program that works for you. Muscle Anatomy 101 article reveals the details. 

The process of muscle growth is a fascinating topic. Once you discover this amazing process, your workouts will never be the same again.

In the How Muscle Grows article you will discover how the combination of high threshold muscle training, high quality nutrition and recovery strategies will create consistent muscle gains week after week.

You will also discover how small mistakes can drastically decrease your muscle growth potential and how small things can make a big difference if done right.

Click here to read all about How Muscle Grows - The Science of Fast Muscle Growth. Every bodybuilder needs this education before stepping in the gym!

10 Muscle Building Principles every Bodybuilder should know

The Science of Building muscle mass in built on 10 solid principles. They include training, nutrition and mindset principles which applied together will drastically help you build muscle mass. 

Read the summarised version below or click on individual articles to learn more.

  1. The Muscle homeostasis principle
    Or Why muscle Dont want to grow and how to force it to grow

  2. Overload or Progressive Muscular Resistance 
    Or how to train for consistent muscle gains week after week

  3. SAID or Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands Principle
    Or How to train like a muscle builder and not like a skinny marathoner 

  4. The Six Week Training Effect Principle
    Or How to make maximum gains in 6 short weeks

  5. The Time Under Tension {TUT} Technique
    Or How to train effectively for maximal muscle hypertrophy

  6. Nutrient timing principle
    Or how nutrient and caloric dense foods at perfect time creates hyper muscle growth

  7. Supplement and Recovery principle
    Or how to use proven supplements and recovery strategies for faster muscle gains

  8. The Muscle Mindset technique
    Or How to create the Perfect muscle building mindset

  9. The "Enjoy Muscle lifestyle" principle
    Or How to enjoy your muscle building Journey

  10. Share it and Live it principle
    Or How to help and be helped in Muscle Building and in LIFE.

Learn Muscle Building from Real Muscle Experts

There are many bodybuilders with amazing physiques but only few can teach other how they did it. And very few have the style, the methodology and the will to teach others.

Many build their bodies with steroids, pose for muscle magazines and tell the world how they did it naturally, misleading future muscle builders. Its a shame. They call it business.

Two bodybuilders whom I admire the most are Vince Delmonte and Sean Nalewanyj. Both are former skinny guys but went on to create amazing muscle transformations like mine.

Vince also teamed up with Ben Pakulski to create an amazing 40 day muscle building program called MI40. I have reviewed it here. You can visit MI40 for more information.

Muscle Building Free Ebook and Success Stories

Visit and to read how ordinary people have built exceptional muscle mass in short time.

Summary and Action Points

Muscle Education is your KEY to building muscle mass. You would not drive a car without knowing how to drive. So why follow any program without knowing what makes muscles grow in the first place.

Most bodybuilders search for useless techniques like shocking your muscles or muscle confusion. But not you.

The 10 foundation principles and science of muscle growth articles will help you master the fundamentals. And once you do that, your workouts take off. High quality nutrition habits sets in. Proven supplements and recovery strategies    work their magic. And with proper mindset, you will be on your way to muscular perfection.

You can thank me later.

Best of luck building muscle mass!

Want to put the awesome science to work? Try our proven muscle building program backed by science. Watch the free video for more info.

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