How to do a SWOT Analysis of your Bodybuilding Workout

A SWOT analysis of your bodybuilding workout will reveal your workout strengths, weaknesses, opportunities to improve and threats you need to be aware of.

Lets do a SWOT analysis of your workout and find out some cool tricks to make your workouts smarter.

Lets SWOT analyse your Workout

Inside this article:

  • What is a SWOT Analysis?
  • How will SWOT analysis help your workout
  • When to use SWOT analysis
  • 4 Steps to your SWOT analysis
  • 52 Weeks of Workouts Planned for you
  • Summary

What is a SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for:

Opportunities and

Also called a SWOT matrix, SWOT analysis is a business building strategy. Its aim is to maximise productivity and efficiency in businesses.

But the benefits are not limited to business only, we can use SWOT to have a killer workout every time.

How will a swot analysis help your workout

Imagine a simple tool that will tell you what went exceptionally well in your workout, what was better, which area needs improvement and how you can avoid fatal mistakes.

Such a tool would dramatically improve your workouts right? SWOT analysis does that to you.

But before that...


Immediately after a workout. Why? To fix the next one.

Simple note taking during cool down period will help you dramatically improve your next workout. How?

By telling you what went well and what did not.

A simple sheet with 4 column does the job. Lets see how...


STEP ONE: What are the strengths of your workout?

Ask yourself and write down:

  • What went well this workout? Did you increase poundages? Did you increase number of reps? Did you decrease rest interval?
  • Did you finish your workout well in time?
  • Could you maintain energy level through your workout?
  • Yes to any of these questions means your workout was better than last one.

Keep these 4 questions in mind and make sure you say yes to at least one of them, workout after workout.


"No" to any of the above means your workout has weaknesses that needs attention.

The key factor is energy levels because your energy level indicate your recovery. If your energy levels were not optimal, then you need to work on post-workout recovery - nutrition and sleep.

  • Are there any workout distractors?
  • Did you miss meals or pre-workout shake before workout?
  • Do you need intra-workout nutrition?

Think areas to improve upon all the time. Your ideas will surprise you.

step three: what opportunities can you spot?

This may be a tad difficult as we tend to miss the obvious.

  • Can I combine exercises to have shorter, better workout without compromising workload?
  • Will a new gadget or journal help me?
  • Do I need workout music?
  • Will a new training partner be helpful?
  • Better workout nutrition?

Think improvement all the time.


A great workout tend not to repeat itself without your conscious effort.

Life has a way of getting in the way of living. 

  • What can disrupt your workout?
  • Do you have more work or school before next workout?
  • Is your nutrition at risk for some reason?
  • Will your sleep be suboptimal this week?

Write down any of the factors above {brainstorm more} and come up with alternatives.

For example: If I have a tough week ahead, I make a call if my next workout will be improvement or maintenance one.

If I have more work, less sleep and little haphazard eating, then I am well off maintaining  my last workout or trying something altogether different like shifting from barbells to bodyweight training.

I think you get the idea.

So take out your workout journal {what you mean  the dog ate it!} and make 4 columns after each workout. Take 5 - 10 minutes and fill it. These will be the most productive 10 minutes of the week.

Make sure you write down workout goal for the next one!

52 weeks of workout planned for you

I am a big fan of variety every 6 to 8 weeks. If trying to figure out yourself is a chore, then I highly recommend NNMB 52 week workouts planned for you that will last an entire year.

The cool benefit: Each workout builds  on the previous one to help you build muscle and gain mass.

Check out the NNMB program here


There is a saying, “Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned”.

Instead of devouring internet article on bodybuilding tricks, just look at your previous workout. It has the keys to better future workout and by that I mean a Bigger, Muscular Body.

All the best

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