The 5 Best Weight Gain Programs to Get Big Fast

The Right Weight Gain Program can add pounds of muscle mass to your skinny frame in weeks as it has for me. I have reviewed the best ones here.

The Best Weight Gain Programs

What if you added up to 25 pounds of muscle mass in next 8 to 12 weeks? and all that naturally, without useless supplements or dangerous drugs? Excited right?

Then pick any of the 3 weight gain programs below and your results are guaranteed. 

I have followed them to pack on 24 pounds of muscle mass in 15 short weeks and now you can do the same.

3 Best Weight Gain Programs:

2 Best Bodyweight Exercises Program:

The Final Verdict

P.S. I have bought and reviewed dozens of weight gain programs, but have reviewed the best for you. If its not here, I can assure you then its not worth your time or money.

Weight Gain Program one:
No Nonsense Muscle Building Program

The No Non-sense Muscle Building Program written by Vince Delmonte is the best weight gain program.

Its is the fastest way to gain muscle mass and muscle weight is the best way to gain weight because muscle gain gives you the big, muscular body you crave for.

Your goal should be to gain maximum lean muscle in minimum time and NNMB is the best way to get there.

Vince shows the exact strategies he used to gain 41 pounds of muscle mass in just 6 months and he gives you his 6 month plan.

NNMB is a complete 26 week program with step by step instructions on exercise, nutrition and supplements.

You get videos of every exercise and workout, 26 week sample meal plans and 12 bonuses which cover every aspect of your weight gain transformation.

It also comes with a 60 day no-questions asked money back guarantee.

I highly recommend it. Watch the free video below for more info.

Weight Gain Program Two:
MI40 By Ben Pakulski

Looking to the fastest weight gain possible? How about 40 days for your body transformation?

MI40 stands for Mass Intentions 40. It means 40 days, 40 exercises and 40 minute workouts only 3 days a week.

Written by IFBB-Pro Ben Pakulski with Vince Delmonte, its a great program for beginner and advanced bodybuilders.

If you are looking for an excellent way to target your muscles in shortest amount of time, then I recommend MI40.

Its tough, its brutal but worth it as shown by the weight gain stories here.

MI40 gives you complete training, diet and supplementation strategies for 40 days.

If you short on time and need to gain weight quickly, then MI40 is worth its weight in gold. I have used it for myself and for my clients wth excellent results.

Click here for more info on MI40.

Weight Gain Program Three:
Body Transformation Blueprint

The body transformation blueprint is written by former skinny guy Sean Nalewanyj. It was earlier called Muscle Gain Truth.

He is a weight gain transformation story himself and now helps skinny guys gain weight faster.

Although its a good program, I still recommend the NNMB Program as your first choice or MI40 for quick weight gain.

Click here for more info on the Body Transformation Program.

Bodyweight Training Programs for Weight Gain

The best way to gain weight is muscle weight and the best way to do that is by weigh training.

But let that not make you believe that bodyweight exercises are of no value in building muscle mass.

Properly used bodyweight training in the comfort of your home can add pounds of muscle mass quickly provided you follow the best techniques.

Check out Bodyweight Bodybuilding and The Muscle Experiment if you want to gain weight using bodyweight exercises only.

Weight Gain Programs - The Verdict

So which is my no.1 Recommendation?

I recommend No nonsense muscle building program as my first choice.

MI40 is my second choice.

These are the fastest ways to gain muscle weight which gives you the muscular body you dream of.

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