An Honest review of Vince Delmonte's No Nonsense Muscle Building Program

No Nonsense Muscle Building Program

Looking for the best muscle building program? Having reviewed dozens of bodybuilding programs I have reviewed the best ones here.

Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense program is one such. But before you buy read my complete review to see if it fits you.

Inside This Article:

Who is Vince Delmonte

Vince Delmonte is a muscle transformation story who gained 41 pounds of muscle mass in 24 weeks and transformed himself from a  skinny guy to a ripped muscular guy.

He is a personal trainer and  a fitness model and I found that he has a unique ability to simplify muscle building information for average skinny people to build muscle mass. Many muscle  builders know lot but cannot tell you how they did it. Vince has talent in there.

He holds an Honors Kinesiology Degree, numerous fitness and nutrition certifications, and has been working in the trenches for the past 5 years helping hundreds of skinny guys transform their physiques.

His personal goal is to help One Million skinny guys build muscle mass and become muscular by 2020.

What is the No Nonsense Muscle Program

The No Nonsense Muscle Building Program, also called the Skinny Guy secrets to Insane Muscle Gain is a complete one year muscle building program aimed to provide skinny hardgainers the information to build muscle mass naturally with drugs or too many supplements.

A Complete Review of No Nonsense Muscle Building Program

Program Overview: The Entire Program consists of:

  • A 200+ page muscle building manual
  • 26 weeks of Beginner Program
  • 26 Week Advanced MaxPower Program
  • 12 Free Bonuses
  • 2 Surprises

The program Ebook consists of 10 chapters ranging from 14 muscle building mistakes and muscle gain myths to training, eating and supplementation strategies.

The sections on recovery and fat burning strategies gives the program a complete look as many programs lack these essentials.

The NNMB Ebook Review

NNMB Program Ebook

Here is a chapter by chapter complete review of the NNMB Program Ebook.

Note: From now onwards I will mentioned the program as NNMB Program {No Nonsense Muscle Building Program}

In Chapter One: 14 of the common mistakes most skinny guys make

In the first chapter Vince explains how not having a goal and enough reasons might be sabotaging your results and offer tips to create performance goals rather than outcome goals. Its great advice.

The chapter also includes tips like how to:

  • Dump the hardgainer title
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Prepare and get committed to your goals

He asks "Do you think that the best way to fulfill your potential is by blaming someone else?“ and offer practical tips on how to take responsibility for building your body. The chapter also offers excellent journalling ideas.

Chapter Two: The Top 12 Muscle Building Myths

Myths like:

  • Supplements will help you gain muscle,
  • If you are not growing, blame it on genetics,
  • Only steroids work and you have to take them
  • The search for the perfect workout

and such many more myths

My take: The first two chapters on mistakes and myths and how to correct them are excellent for building the right mindset for building muscle. I urge you to read them at least twice to start thinking like a true muscle builder. I have taken a few nuggets myself and has helped me immensely.

Chapter Three: How Muscle Grow

It can be called the Meat and Muscle chapter of the program.

Vince reveals 8 No nonsense Muscle building principles which he calls are the most powerful way to build muscle. And I agree, the principles work.

They include overload principle, progressive resistance, recovery, sets and reps tricks etc.

He calls the process stimulate—>rest —> grow —> repeat muscle growth formula. This chapter also reveals the methods he used to gain 41 pounds of muscle mass in 6 months.

Chapter Four: Recovery Strategies

Chapter Four deals with advanced recovery methods and how to accelerate recovery from training.

Vince explains how the combination of proper sleep, nutrition, supplements and proper stress management can drastically improve your recovery from workouts. He gives some excellent tips here, especially on personal and professional stress busting.

Chapter Five: Maximising Hormone Responses

It deals with maximising hormonal responses for maximum muscle.

This is my favourite chapter as I have a special interest in hormone studies for muscle building and building lean muscle.

Vince explains the hormones and their effect on both muscle building and losing fat for a ripped, muscular body.

He explains the actions of various hormones in simple words including insulin, glucagon, catecholamines, IGF-1, Testosterone and few others.

I feel for any muscle builder, education is the key. Not many programs mention the hormone connection, so this makes NMMB program very effective.

Chapter Six: Explosive Fat Burning Strategies

In your quest for muscle mass, you might add a couple of inches of fat to your waist, and it is then these fat burning methods will help.

Although I feel its best to build lean muscle mass without fat as fat creates insulin resistance, if you ever add some extra weight, then  tips such as below help.

The NNMB Fat burning tips include:

  • Why steady state aerobics is not effective as advertised
  • How to maximise fat loss via Interval Training
  • Practical strategies about boosting metabolism for lean body

Chapter Seven: Massive EATING

This chapter is about the most important aspect of building muscle - Massive Eating

Vince explains his muscle building equation as follows:

1% Training + 99% Recovery = 100% Results

And he explains that nutrition is most important aspect of recovery.

This chapter ventures into details like

  • Why you can’t gain weight
  • The concept of Energy Balance
  • How to bulk up properly
  • How to build muscle and lose fat at the same time and if this is the best strategy
  • Grocery shopping, kitchen tips and plenty of muscle building foods and meal ideas

How to calculate your caloric requirement for muscle growth with a detailed equation:

But best is the calculator he provides wherein you put your personal details and accurately calculate your caloric requirements for maintenance, cutting, progressive weight again and advanced weight gain phases.

For me this is worth the price of program alone as every 2-4 weeks you can plug in your numbers, select your goal and voila, you have your accurate caloric requirements ready!

The chapter ends with 10 No Nonsense Nutrition rules {I can’t divulge these here} and importance of Nutrient Timing where he explains how to select right foods for the 4 phases of recovery after workout.

You will also find sample muscle building power shakes {34 shakes to be exact} including Vinny’s Classic shake and how to create your own power shakes with a combination of fruits, milk and protein powders.

This chapter is worth its weight in gold. You will really like it.

Chapter Eight: Choose Supplements Wisely

This chapter deals with making the best use of supplements and choosing them wisely

Vince reveals some advertising secrets used by supplement companies and how they mislead us. 

You don’t need supplements until you are following the program 90% echoes Vince similar to my philosophy here at

He recommends 6 supplements and gives tips how to make best use of them. He also mentions some new so called cutting edge supplements and how they are hyped. One such product he asks muscle builders to stay away from is Nitric oxide used by bodybuilders to pump workouts.

This chapter is very well written and gets a thumbs up from me due to its simplicity and honesty.

Chapter Nine: How to Prevent Injuries

This chapter deals with why injuries happen and how to prevent them

Vince explains 8 things that lead to injury and gives comprehensive tips on flexibility and stretching exercises and best practices. I especially liked the flexibility tips and tips on how to correct muscle weaknesses and structural imbalances.

Chapter Ten: No Nonsense Muscle Programs

Vince starts the chapter with 5 foundational principles to be used in every workout.

Also covered are tips like

  • How to measure your results
  • How to improve every workout
  • How to keep log book

He also mentions his muscle growth formula

Maximum Tension + Maximum Load + Less Time = Insane Muscle Gain

Vince mentions his full recovery guidelines:

Here are my guidelines: take a 1⁄2 Week off everY 6 WeekS take a full Week off everY 12 WeekS

Programs covered:

1. Also covered are Upside training to correct muscle imbalances and how to stay flexible year round with cool stretching exercises

2. Bodyweight conditioning program for absolute beginners -  4 programs called Workouts A-D 

3. A beginner-intermediate 29 week muscle building program

The entire program comes with complete exercise descriptions, 3D animated pictures and program notes.

The 29 week Beginner-Intermediate Muscle Building Program

Training three days a week

-Program changes every 3 weeks - this is the best feature of the program as your body never adapts {or else it stops growing} and keeps your workouts fun and avoid being bored.

-each exercises comes with right order, rest, reps, sets and tempos

The 29 week Advanced MaxPower Program

This is the bonus part of the program as Vince’s thank you gift. If you try the beginner-intermediate program well then you will have added 20-40 pounds of solid muscle mass. 

Advanced program is for people who want more

It covers:

  • giant sets
  • crash sets
  • 16 No Nonsense rules for advanced lifters and
  • other secrets which I cannot mention here..

End of Ebook: Vince completes the ebook by telling the users to take the road less travelled and complete the program.

Program Bonuses

There are 10 other bonuses included in the program {12 in total when you include the 2 programs mentioned above}.

They are:

1. The Upside Down program for body balance, core and shoulder stability

2. Empowered Nutrition: 84 days of meal plans for muscle gain

3. Exercise demonstrator with over animated 100 exercises

4. The Metabolic Growth calculator for calculating your caloric needs in seconds

5. The Supplement Watch Files

6. The Unforgivable Sins audio

7. Free Instant Coaching 24/7

8. Unlimited Ebook Updates

9. No Nonsense Muscle Building DVD - Watch Vince build muscle live in video

10. Access to Private members zone

Are there any drawbacks of the program?

1. Yes, I would have liked a quick start guide for beginners. But its not such a big issue though. 

The first two chapters of the ebook gives an excellent introduction to muscle building for bodybuilders of all levels.

Also there is a 4 week bodyweight training program for absolute beginners.

2. I would have liked the author to check back on your progress, but no one does that now as they do it for their private clients only and charge a lot of money for that.

Pricing, Guarantee and Support

The program is priced at 77$ which I feel is worth for the program with such amazing bonuses.

Vince offers a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

There is Instant 24/7 support system from the members area itself.

Who should not buy the program

The program is built around solid training and nutrition. Supplements only help the already sound nutrition plan.

If you looking for a quick fix, then I suggest you give it a pass.

If you are serious about building muscle mass and willing to work hard, then the program will surprise you with some cool results.

Watch Free Video for More Information

Watch the free video below to get more information from Vince himself.

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