Build The Right Muscle Mindset and unlock your true Muscle Building Potential

5 Powerful mental strategies to unleash your muscle gain goals, reach them and go beyond.

"Unshakable belief, Accurate Goal Setting and mastering the twin qualities of patience and consistency are the hallmark of World's best natural muscle builders".

In the Muscle building world, the Right Mindset can be the difference between building your dream body or years of frustration.

When the whole world is busy creating wrong expectations, falling for supplement ads or unhealthy diets and finally giving up muscle goals only to try and fail again, your job is to do the opposite.

So how do you build a muscle building mindset of steel? Its time to discover some insider mind secrets...

Inside This Article:

What is the Right Bodybuilding Mindset

"Do opposite of what conventional bodybuilders do and succeed".

Right mindset is the key for faster muscle success and you know building it will put you years ahead of others. But what is the definition of the right mindset?

The right mindset will:

  • help you get started
  • create accurate muscle gain expectations
  • help you stay focussed and consistent
  • and enjoy the process while you are building your life changing muscular body

Friend, Muscle building is a rewarding goal, one that will change your life beyond imagination but to do that you need to approach it with the right frame of mind.

A Story in "Right Vs Wrong Mindset Demystified"

I was meeting my training client Mark for the third time in 2 weeks {for counselling}. He was training with amazing intensity every session even putting all those bigger guys to shame. He had been eating like there is no tomorrow. He had little contact with the outside world in last 2 weeks.

But his results were lacking. What was happening?

I asked a few questions and quickly realised the wrong expectations Mark had from natural muscle building. His regimen was too strict which meant he was not enjoying the process/new lifestyle and he was too eager to get big. {Sometimes these are signs of people wanting to try steroids, so I had to act fast}

If you feel like Mark I understand. You might be wondering that you are telling me that you are not seeing results you wanted and here I am talking that your mindset might be limiting your muscle growth!

I understand you. Bear with me for a second.

The most powerful message i got came from my favourite gym bodybuilder, a guy in his 40s who was as strong as he looked muscular.

I discussed my lack of results with him and got this reply.

My Story:  “Its all in your Mind, dude!"

Those were the most painful words to hear. Especially coming my favourite bodybuilder.  For him to tell me that my results or their lack off was all in my mind was very upsetting.

But looking back there were a few mistakes I was making back then. I want you to avoid them...

5 Keys to the Perfect Muscle Mind

Now I will reveal you the mistakes and how to overcome them to build a Muscle Building Mindset that will set you apart from the rest of muscle-wannabe-failures!

Here are the 5 keys to Perfect Muscle mindset

1. Create Accurate Expectations from bodybuilding

2. Focus & Concentrate on the Natural Muscle Building Process

3. Use the 80/20 rule in Muscle building world

4. Master the twin qualities of Patience and Consistency

5. Don't re-invent the wheel and Help Others with their goals

1. Create Accurate Expectations from Bodybuilding

"Whatever you expect with confidence, positive or negative, becomes your reality."
-Brian Tracy

Just like you I want to get my dream body right now before my next breath. But wanting that is impossible it would also make the goal unworthy. if everyone got their dream body in seconds, then the dream body would not be any special!

Wrong Expectations. Let me give you an example.

Is it possible to gain 30 pounds of muscle mass in 30 days?

No. Even drugs cannot take you so far. But supplement companies promote similar 3 or 4 week programs to increase sales. Major supplement companies own muscle mags and promote such programs so that naive muscle builders will buy them hoping magic to happen. 

Once money is in their bank, they come up with some new program in next magazine issue, selling more supplements.

Right Expectations: Its possible to gain 1-1.5 lbs of muscle mass per week and gain 6-9 pounds of muscle mass in 6 short weeks provided training, nutrition and recovery are at their peak.

Why 6 weeks? Because thats what it takes for a program to work and is called the training effect.

Now you know why 2 or 4 week programs are a sham! 

But 6 short weeks CAN make such noticeable results that it will keep you amazingly motivated to plan another 6 week mini-program and continue building your dream body.

Compare that with hopping from one program to another every 3 or 4 weeks. No training effect, money and time wasted and all thoughts of giving up come in.

Such people wait for next shiny thing syndrome only to find that all that glitters is not gold.

Solution? Create a 6 week program. Expect 6-9 lbs of muscle mass {advanced lifters expect half the giant mentioned}. Train to stimulate, eat to repair and rest to grow. Use supplements for convenience and insurance.

Thats what I call creating the right expectations and it will separate muscle builders from muscle-wannabes!

 "Hardgainer? Dump the title" 

-says Coach Vince Delmonte

2. Focus and Concentrate on the Natural Muscle Building Process

The power of Focus and Concentration!

Natural Drug-free bodybuilding is very different from professional Bodybuilding!

If you are a hardgainer and building muscle mass naturally, then you need to train like a hardgainer.

Hardgainers cannot train like bodybuilders on steroids. Steroids build muscle faster, increase protein synthesis, recovers muscle faster and bodybuilders who use them can withstand crazy volumes of training .

Yes, steroids also cause kidney damage, liver damage and can be life threatening.

How to remain focussed

Once you have created a 6 week play, your job is only to stay focussed with progressive resistance in gym and eating caloric/nutrient dense foods.

Progressive resistance: You keep track of your present workout, sets, reps and poundages. Next time you add at least one rep per set or add one set to training. Thats progressive resistance.

Once done your only job is to focus on eating to repair and grow. Once you leave the gym after last exercise {which is to gulp down the post workout shake we created}, your focus should be only on eating caloric and nutrient dense foods you selected.

No more sodas, potato chips or baked goods which will only take you away from your muscle building goals.

Thats focus. You need to do Only those things that help you gain mass. Remember everything counts.

Here are few examples of focus and concentration personified.

1. You keep socialising with friends for only once a week rather than everyday.

2. You buy only those foods and snacks that will help you build muscle.

3. You skip late night shows and get to bed early.

4. You put motivating thoughts in mind and never doubt your plan.

5. No muscle mags, magic supplements will distract you because you know what it takes for muscle growth and you keep faith in the natural muscle growth process.

6. You concentrate on the process and results will take care of themselves.

3. Use the 80/20 Rule of Muscle Building

80-20 Rule Muscle Building

The 80/20 rule is also called the Pareto principle and it states that, "Concentrate on the 20% of things that brings 80% of the results in muscle building”.

Here are two examples.

Working hard on 8 high threshold exercises, eating 3 meals plus 3 shakes/snacks and getting 7 hours rest every night.

All these fall in the right side of the 80/20 rule.

These activités constitute 20% of all activities you can do to build muscle mass but give 80% of results.

Training isolation moves in the gym, improper eating and rest BUT Trying the latest testosterone booster or muscle mass gainer supplement and expecting great results lands you on the wrong side of 80/20 rule.

Its simply not worth the effort.

So concentrate on those activities that give you best bang for your effort/time/money and leave the rest to test for a later time.

4. Master the Twin Qualities of Consistency and Patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor will be your body.

You have to be patient and consistent. Consistently working, day-in and day-out and patiently waiting for the results because RESULTS WILL COME.

To paraphrase author Russel Conwell of Acres of Diamonds, most muscle builders quite 2 feet away from the muscle gold.

Consistency: It means focussed effort repeated over and over again.

It means training hard workout after workout. Eating big day after day. And sleeping well night after night.

No 2 week dramas, but working at least 4-6 weeks before measuring results and judging the program.

Patience: It means giving your muscles the time they need to adapt.

In the first few weeks you see mostly neural changes. Your brain tries it best to fire more efficiently to improve strength. 

Your body resists building muscle tissue in this phase. But given time, the new proteins are synthesised, cell volume increases and muscle growth becomes noticeable.

I covered it more in the Six week training effect principle.

So master the twin qualities of patience and consistency and your muscle life will create miracles.

Note: These two qualities are equally important in life. And bodybuilding teaches us this principle very well. Its no surprise therefore, that most bodybuilders do very well in business and life.

5. Don't Re-invent the Muscle Building Wheel

Have you heard of the saying, Success leaves clues?

It means if you find a skinny hardgainer who packed on muscle naturally in short time, then there are things he did to get those awesome results.

All you have to do is follow the steps instead of re-inventing the wheel and trying to do it all by yourself.

The best muscle builders I have seen transformed their bodies by asking for help and following the advice to their best capacity.

Instead if you try all by yourself, you:

  • Lose valuable time and effort
  • Lose money or 
  • May even get frustrated and give up 

On the other hand if you follow someone who has been there and done that, you:

  • Get a head start over other skinny hardgainers
  • Cut short the diet/training journey and
  • Reach your muscle goals in a predictable, surefire manner

So how to get ahead faster? Simple: Follow the Muscle Building Experts.

Find your biggest challenge and plunge yourself until you get your dream body.

Want to get one-up on muscle training? Vince’s NMMB Muscle Building Program is a great start.

Don’t know how to cook and eat tasty muscle recipes? Try from over 200+ tasty muscle building anabolic recipes.

Ask and you shall find it.

Enjoy Your Life...Now!

Live Your Life!

The Main difference between people who give up after 1-2 months and those who persist is that the later enjoy the muscle building lifestyle.

The failures think of bodybuilding as a boring activity and do not enjoy the training, nutrition or gaining muscle knowledge.

But I want you to enjoy the process. 

Make good training buddies, learn to cook some healthy and tasty meals, have outdoor fun with your friends. Live the life from day one of your muscle building goal, and don’t just wait for the end.

Remember Journey is the reward.

Share, Care and Grow in Bodybuilding

Help and be helped is the norm in this world.

See a person who has difficulty in training, help them. A friend has similar weight gain issue, talk about the information you learnt here or share this website.

Everything you do to help others comes back to help you. Its the boomerang effect in life. Both good and bad comes back to us. Its the Law of Karma.

So do good, help other hardgainers and you will find the knowledge and help necessary for your muscle success too.

To Summarise:

The Perfect Muscle Mind:

  1. Creates the Right Expectations from natural muscle training
  2. Believes in launching without 100% guarantee of success
  3. Believes in patience and consistency for results
  4. Enjoys the process, not just the result and
  5. Keeps itself open to learn, share and Grow.

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To Your Muscle Success
Mateen Sidd

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