What is the Best Time to Take Creatine for Optimal Strength Gains

Although your body can store up to 120g of creatine, there are 2 best times when taking creatine can help you get instant energy boost for bigger lifts. Here is the best time to take creatine for instant strength.

Inside This Article:

The Creatine Supplement guide have all the details on how to use creatine. Please refer it for details.

The Two Best Times to Take Creatine

The 2 best times for creatine intake are - Pre-workout and Post-workout.

Pre workout:

The role of creatine is to provide instant energy. Once your ATP is depleted, it looks for creatine stores to provide it with high energy phosphate bond for energy renewal.

Once you have loaded creatine over 2 weeks, you should take creatine 30 minutes before workout. This increases your muscle creatine levels, helping you lift more and longer.

Post workout:

After an intense workout, your muscle creatine levels drop off. 

Your muscles are hungry for creatine {and proteins}. it makes sense to add creatine to replenish the lost creatine stores.

Also since creatine stimulates protein synthesis and muscle growth, add it post workout for best gains.

An Optional Dose for Bodybuilders

Here is my secret. Whenever I see my clients lose gas before 30 minutes during any workout, I advise them to add a chewable or liquid creatine with BCAAs.

This provides more energy for those last 20 minutes.

Intensity picks up and the workout goals are reached. Try it yourself.

Creatine on Non-workout days

On non-training days I suggest you take creatine on an empty stomach as soon as you get up, preferably 20 - 30 minutes before your breakfast.

On training days, the pre and post workout creatine suffices.

The Best Form/Way to Take Creatine

Micronised Creatine monohydrate is the most researched form of creatine. It has been proven to work effectively and is found to be safe.

Although creatine HCL is on the rise, you will do better to stick with monohydrate form for now.

Best way to take:

Want to increase creatine absorption and muscle uptake, add:

  • Fast acting carbs
  • Fast acting proteins and
  • Salt, as sodium and chloride enhances creatine uptake.

The NNMB Muscle Program is my highest recommended program to build muscle and strength.

Watch the video below to learn some cool muscle building secrets


The best time to take creatine is Pre-workout AND Post-workout.

The pre-workout shake helps you generate more workout energy and post-workout shake helps replenish the stores after workout.

If you need more energy during workout, add a chewable or liquid shake 30 minutes into your workout for those last 15 crucial minutes.

All the best.

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