Creatine Loading - How to Load Creatine Properly 

Creatine is NOT just another supplement which you can anytime. Proper creatine loading is the key to get the best results out of creatine supplement. Here is how to load creatine properly.

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What is Loading and How does it work

A loading supplement is the one that is used in such a way as to gradually increase its level in the body to super-saturate the muscle cells.

Apart from creatine, beta-alanine is used as a loading supplement.

Supplements are taken in higher quantities during the loading phase and then in smaller doses during maintenance phase.

How does Loading work?

Loading helps saturate the muscles with creatine. Overloading at this point will simply result in removal via kidneys, so we need a slow loading phase, followed by maintenance phase.

When you hit the gym with fully loaded muscles, you get instant energy. You can lift more and lift longer. That's the power of creatine.

But in the process you lose your stores, hence a post workout creatine dose to replenish the lost stores is essential. This is your maintenance dose.

To Load or Not to Load

That is the question.

Loading is a long held belief by bodybuilders and strength trainers to be the most effective strategy and there is research to prove it.

But off late studies {1} show that loading may not be more beneficial in the long run when compared to non-loading.

In fact using 3-5 g creatine has shown similar rise in creatine levels after 30 days as loading with 20g over 6 days.

Both asks for a 3-5 g of maintenance dose or the creatine levels fall off.

Here's my tip: If you have loaded creatine before, try the maintenance doses only. But if you are new to creatine, go for loading phase.

Proper Loading and Maintenance Doses

Creatine Loading:

  • 10 g of creatine in 2 divided doses for 2 weeks OR
  • 20g of creatine in 2 divided doses for 6 days


  • 5g in 2 divided doses, one pre-workout and one post-workout

Cool tip: If creatine brings you excellent results, I suggest you reload after 6 to 8 weeks. If this brings greater returns, you are a lucky guy for whom creatine is a genetic-gift.

Double your results with Creatine Now

Once you have decided your loading and maintenance doses, add it to a mix of fast acting carbs + protein mix. This optimises creatine absorption.

Also add a pinch of salt as creatine needs sodium and chloride {common salt} for even better entry into muscle cells.

Recommended Muscle Building Program

As an intermediate or advanced bodybuilder your goal is to go beyond the basics.

MI40 Foundation and MI40X are two cool programs to take your training, nutrition and supplementation to the next level.

I highly recommend them.


Loading is an effective strategy to maximise the benefits of creatine.

Use the loading phase to saturate your muscles and use the maintenance dose for continual gains.

To your strength...


1. Pearson, D. R., D. G. Hamby, et al. "Long-term effects of Creatine monohydrate on strength and power," Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 13/3 (1999), p. 187-192. 

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