3 Amazing Benefits of Creatine for Serious Bodybuilders

Creatine monohydrate has been touted as the most effective bodybuilding supplement, a legal alternative to steroids.

Although marketers exaggerate claims to benefit their bottomline, creatine does have some cool benefits for building muscle mass.

Discover these benefits and see if you a responder {see below}

Inside This Article:

  • The 3 Amazing benefits of Creatine for Bodybuilders
  • Are you a Non-responder
  • Creatine Caution
  • Best Muscle Building program
  • Summary

I have covered all about creatine in the creatine supplement guide. Please refer it for more details.

3 Benefits of Creatine for Bodybuilders

Creatine monohydrate is probably the most well-researched bodybuilding supplement.

As there is a sound knowledge of its mechanism of action and its role in energy production, creatine has been the darling of both research labs and supplement companies.

Here are the 3 proven benefits of creatine:

1. Increased Strength & Performance during Workouts

This has instant benefit for bodybuilders, strength trainers and sportsmen.

By providing the high energy phosphate bond, it helps resynthesize ATP and help you lift more and lift longer.

Imagine your lifts increase by 20% in one workout.

2. Increased Protein Synthesis and muscle mass

The first change when you take creatine is your muscles look and feel fuller. This role of creatine is cellular hydration.

And cellular hydration or cell swelling is proven to cause enhanced protein synthesis. In trained muscles, this means more protein muscle building.

Research has shown that creatine helps build lean muscle mass.

3. Improved Immunity and Health

Studies have shown creatine helps reduce cholesterol, prevent sarcopenia {muscle loss}, increase immunity and is being advised in medical conditions including AIDS, Muscular dystrophies, Parkinsonism and Huntington's disease, among others.

With these proven benefits, no reported side effects in long run trials and ease of availability, I feel creatine is a must for every bodybuilder.

But before that, you need to find out...

Are you a Creatine Non-responder

Creatine has Non-responders

I train dozens of clients every week and here's what I have found.

A minority of my clients DO NOT respond to creatine.

They fail to show results even after proper loading and maintenance. Is creatine response a genetic thing? I am yet to find any such pleomorphism.

But creatine non-responders do exist. So instead of asking my clients to keep paying 30$/month for no results, I ask them to accept that they are non-responders and should stop taking it.

If you are in this minority, you may not see the results.

But since majority of trainers see immediate benefits, I suggest you try creatine if your nutrition plan is near perfect.

Creatine Caution

Creatine is metabolised by your kidneys and lost in the urine. Therefore if you take creatine, I suggest that you increase your fluid intake.

Caution: Creatine should be totally avoided or taken under extreme supervision of a trained medical professional ONLY.

Summary and Action points

If your nutrition plan is solid, creatine is the first supplement you should try.

Its benefits are proven and it has the backing of thousands of bodybuilders and sportsmen to prove its results.

Use the highest form of creatine monohydrate you can find. Add it to a fast acting protein + carb mix before and after workout in divided doses.

Shoot me an email with your results.

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