4 Week Shoulder Muscle Building Workout for Intermediate Bodybuilders

As an intermediate bodybuilders you got problem. Your shoulders do not grow as the good ol days.

Those old days when you grew from strength to strength. But now its your second year of training and your shoulder growth has plateaued. Have you reached your genetic limit? 

Far from it. Use the super-set training to kick start your slow shoulders into growth mode.

Here is an effective 4 week Shoulder Muscle Building Workout for intermediate Bodybuilders to bring up those lagging shoulders.

Inside This Article: 

How to Use SuperSet Training for Bigger Shoulders

Maximising the high threshold muscle fibers should be your first goal for faster muscle gains. I have covered them in the beginner shoulder muscle building workout.

But as an intermediate bodybuilder with 2 solid years of such high threshold muscle training, you need to target the under-trained low threshold muscle fibers too.

Superset training, where you train 2 or 3 exercises without rest interval targets your entire muscle fiber range. More fibers stimulated means more muscle growth.

Lets see the 4 week super set workout...

4 Week Shoulder Muscle Building Workout for Intermediate Bodybuilders

Here my my 2 X a week shoulder workout. Since this is a specialisation workout, you will train back and legs once a week only. Chest training takes a backseat as it will tire your shoulder joint unnecessarily, hence best avoided.

This uses the 3 best shoulder exercises and supersets them for higher stimulation.

Perform the second exercise in every workout without any rest interval. Keep the second exercise set up ready and move to it quickly.

Key: You wil have to use lesser loads for second exercise than you would normally do. I suggest 50 to 70% weight and max them out for reps.

This lower loads and high reps targets your low threshold muscle fibers - so that you get both type II and type I fiber stimulation.

Why 4 Weeks?

Because the training effect principle proves that it takes 4 weeks to get the  most out of any workout. 

Training Effect: 4 weeks for intermediate and advanced bodybuilders and 6 weeks for beginners.

Bigger Shoulders with MI40X

Intermediate bodybuilders cannot train like beginners anymore. The MI40X is a very effective muscle building program for intermediate bodybuilders. 

I highly recommend it.

Click here to learn more about the MI40X muscle building program.


Supersets are great shoulder muscle builders for intermediate bodybuilders as they target both the type II {high threshold} and type I {low threshold} muscle fibers and give you the complete shoulder muscle workout.

Use my 4 week workout above, you will be happy with the results.

All the Best.

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