4 Week Shoulder Muscle Building Workout for Beginner Bodybuilders

Stop wasting time on useless magazine workouts and discover an effective shoulder muscle building workout designed for beginner bodybuilders to build bigger shoulder/deltoid  muscles in 4 weeks.

Inside This Article:

My 1 + 1 + 1 Formula for Bigger Shoulders

There are dozens of shoulder exercises. Heck, even I have given 10 of the best shoulder muscle building exercises here. But for beginners, whose goal is fast shoulder building, I use the 1 + 1  + 1 exercise formula.

The Formula says: 

"One Exercise for each head of deltoid."

  1. The Anterior head: Shoulder Press
  2. Lateral Head: Lateral Raises
  3. Posterior Head: Bent over Lateral Raises or Face Pulls

Plain and simple, yet builds the most balanced shoulders I have ever seen.

If you want fastest gains, stick with these 3 exercises for 4 to 6 weeks. The workout below integrates the sets, reps and rest internal variables for fastest gains.

4 Week Shoulder Muscle Building Workout for Beginners

Your Goal: To Build an inch of thickness to your Shoulder muscles in next 4 weeks

Your Plan: Max out loads for the Best 3 Shoulder moves

Your Timeline: 4 Weeks

Perform 2 Warm Up sets with 50% and 70% of your One Rep max for the first exercise , i.e. shoulder press only.

This simple routine has added inches to my client's shoulders.

Here's how it works:

Perform the above workout every 5 days ideally, using the intervening days to train your lower body.

Week One: Using your previous shoulder workout loads, calculate your one rep max.

Perform 3 sets of barbell shoulder press for anterior deltoid head with your 6 rep max only, i.e. using a weight you can lift only for 6 reps.

Keep the rest intervals to 90 seconds for all 4 weeks.

Perform 2 sets of lateral raises for lateral/outer deltoid head and 2 sets of bent over raises for rear deltoid head.

Week Two: Add one rep. This means you will perform 7 reps on the above exercises. Adding this one rep might be very difficult but this REP METHOD is the most effective method for beginner bodybuilders.

This might sound incremental, but works like a charm. 

Week 3 and 4: Add one rep per week for next week 3 and 4. By doing so you should reach the top-end 9 reps for the three big moves by week 4.

This is critical and I urge you to follow it.

The Rep Method for Bodybuilding

The best workout tip I can give for beginner and intermediate bodybuilders is the REP Method. Even advanced bodybuilders need to come back to it more often.

It simply states,


  • Before you increase your loads
  • Before you change your exercises
  • Before you add more sets


Adding reps consistently is the best method {not the only} to increase metabolic stress. And as you learnt in How Muscle Grows section, metabolic stress is a proven hypertrophy secret.

Use it with the rep method for fast muscle gains.

Shoulder Muscle Building Program

Can 40 days change your muscle building life?

MI40 is a unique muscle building program that challenges you to build bigger shoulder, chest and legs in only 40 days?

Do you accept the MI40 Muscle building challenge. I highly recommend it.

Summary and Action Points

The right workout can build your shoulders in as little as 4 weeks. Use my 4 week Progressive Shoulder Muscle Building Workout designed for beginners for fast muscle gain.

Can you follow the workout program for 4 weeks?

Let me know your results.

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