10 Muscle Building Snacks to build muscle while eating on the go

Muscle Building Snacks

Planning is the key to muscle success, but what about time when you are in a hurry and need a quick bite or just want to increase caloric intake in addition to meals?

Muscle Building Shakes are one cool option, the other being on the go muscle building snacks.

Below you will find 10 of the easiest and tastiest bodybuilding snack ideas for optimal muscle growth in times of need.

Inside this article:

The Need for Muscle Snacking

I am sure you are aware that weekly and daily planning IS the key to meet your muscle nutrition goals. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

But inspite of all the planning there will times when you have to eat on the go. Things don’t always go as planned isn’t it?

Bodybuilders need muscle building snacks for three reasons:

  1. To feed muscles when in a hurry or on the go eating
  2. To promote muscle growth between meals
  3. To add more calories which cannot be added by food alone

And what if you can make or pick tasty muscle building snacks in jiffy? Well that becomes a reason in itself.

Whatever you reason there are 3 essential qualities you should look in a snack to qualify for muscle building worthy.

3 Qualities every Muscle Building Snack should possess

Your goal with snacking are simple:

  • Avoid protein breakdown
  • Enhance protein synthesis and
  • Not go hungry between meals for hours together.

There are 3 things every snack should possess if it aims to build muscle mass.

  1. A combination of proteins and carbs {fats are optional but recommended for daytime and bedtime snacks}
  2. Easy to make or can be easily picked up
  3. Should not become a meal in itself

Snacks are add ons to meals and not meals in themselves. So here are 10 tasty bodybuilding snacks for you...

10 Tasty Muscle Building Snacks

Go through the entire list first. There will be at least 2-3 snacks which you will enjoy more, hence I have given a bigger list. Pick your items and get started.

Here are the top 10 bodybuilding snacks.

1. Cottage cheese 

Cottage Cheese Muscle Snack

You can also use stevia, honey or fruit concentrate for taste but they add calories too.

Why it works: Cottage cheese is a complete food. Each serving {225g} provides 200 calories, 25 grams of proteins, 10 grams hormone building fats and 8 grams of carbs.

The proteins are casein which are slow digesting and therefore sustains muscle building for up to 2 hours.

2. Apple and plain Cheese

If you like apples, then try my favourite snack. It provides high quality nutrients and can delay hunger for up to 2 hours.

Apple adds carbs and fiber. Cheese gives you proteins and fats. A combo to beat!

Try variety of apples; red, green and small ones too.

3. Beef Jerky

Enjoy Beef Jerky

This meat jerky provides high quality proteins and if you add a piece of fruit, it becomes a complete snack food.

You can replace beef with any buffalo or ostrich.

4. Boiled eggs and cashews 

The boiled egg/cashews combo might look strange but try it and tell me. Hard boiled eggs are best source of proteins and fats. Add some cashews for fats, proteins and some carbs too.

Don't throw away the yolks. They contain half the proteins and a ton of other cool nutrients.

5. High protein Greek Yogurt

High in proteins and good carbs, the Greek yogurt is an excellent snack. You can add any fruit you like and make a smoothie too.

Greek yogurt might be difficult to get but browse around your neighbourhood grocery store and buy more and store for quick access.

6. Peanut butter glazed on celery sticks

Peanut butter is an excellent source of proteins and fats. You can also try chases nut and macadamia nut butter for variety.

Just fill the hollow in celery with butter and chip away.

7. Mixed Nuts

A handful of Nuts - Brazil, macadamia, Almonds and walnuts is an excellent option as snack. They keep you full and your muscles busy.

8. Cottage cheese and banana mix

This snack is great for post workout time if your meal gets delayed. Cottage cheese provides plenty of proteins and fats. Bananas provide fast acting carbs. 

If your post workout meal gets delayed for some reason, try this cottage cheese and banana mix. You can use mixed berries instead of bananas too.

9. Protein Smoothies

One of the best snack is a protein powder + fresh fruit combo. The variety you can choose from is mind boggling.

I have 10 muscle building shakes here that are ideal for snack time. Try any and let me know how you feel.

You can try these muscle building shakes without protein powder here.

10. Anabolic Cooking: Protein Bars, cookies and Pudding

Anabolic Cooking Muscle Snacks

Looking for more adventurous muscle snacks? Then you are in for a treat. You can try any of the 20 home made protein bars, cookies and puddings in the Anabolic Cooking Program here.


Learn to snack. Its the best thing you can do after learning a few muscle meals. The more you eat natural muscle building foods, the better.

Meal replacement powders and weight gain shakes are NOT ideal for building healthy, lean muscles. 

But natural foods are a different game. They are your key to building the body of your dreams.

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