10 Tasty Muscle Building Shakes to Build Muscle and Gain Weight

Looking for refreshing muscle building shakes which are tasty, anabolic and perfect for building muscle? 

Then try these 3 Muscle Building Shakes for delicious, fast acting anabolic proteins and carbs designed for faster muscle repair and growth.

Get Juiced with Muscle Building Shakes

Tired of sugary, calorie loaded meal replacement shakes? Then read on.

You had an awesome workout, your muscles were thrashed to the core and now they are hungry for nutrients. Its time to feed them and a perfect muscle building shake is in order.

But those meal replacement powders are filled with crappy sugars, low quality proteins and unwanted fats.

What's the solution? Enter tasty, home-made, anabolic muscle building shakes which you can make in as little as 2 minutes.

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The Need for Anabolic Muscle Building Shakes

Have you ever heard these problems:

  • Low appetite at time when you should be eating lots of food
  • No time to eat when your muscles are hungry for fuel
  • Not gaining weight inspite of eating a lot of food

If you answer yes to any of these, then you are not alone and in this article you will find the perfect solution.

There are 3 keys to optimal muscle building nutrition:

  • A good appetite to eat, eat and eat
  • Caloric and Nutrient dense foods/supplements and
  • Fast acting Post workout nutrients to jumpstart muscle repair and growth 

Can one food provide these benefits? No. Unless you are talking about muscle building super-shakes. 

Muscle Shakes fit the bill perfectly here. They are:

  • Perfect for gulping high quality/quantity of calories
  • Loaded with high quality muscle building proteins, carbs and fats
  • Perfect for providing fast acting carbs and proteins to jumpstart muscle repair and growth 

In addition muscle building shakes are quick, easy and convenient to make and drink.

And I am going to show you how to prepare simple, tasty, inexpensive muscle building shakes for fast, convenient and nutrition dense feeding.

But to make that you need to know...

The Key Ingredients of a Perfect Muscle Building Shake

Ingredients of a Perfect Muscle Building Shake

The perfect protein shake should contain 5 key ingredients: Carbs, Proteins, Fats, Water/Ice and Flavouring extras

  1. Carbs: Maltodextrins post workout. Fresh fruits {bananas are best} are ideal for rest of the day. Also try crackers or oats for quick breakfast shakes

  2. Proteins: Fast acting whey during day and slow acting casein at night

  3. Fats: Olive oil, Udo’s choice oil and peanut butter

  4. Liquid base: Cold water with half cup ice is great; you can use milk or yogurt/kefir too

  5. Extras: Mint or vanilla extract , Dry fruits and supplements like creatine, beta alanine and BCAAs

  6. Stay away from: Sugar, sugary fruit juices, chocolate powders and milk if you are lactose intolerant

Simple Way To Make Your Muscle Building Shake

Ready to make your power muscle shake? All you need are one ingredient from each of the above categories and a blender or a protein shaker.

Just remember two things: 

  1. Water: Water is an excellent for dilution and a diluted drink is rapidly absorbed. So use 500 ml water per shake for daytime shake and 250 ml water for night time shake.

  2. Post workout shake: Add a fast acting carb like dextrose or maltodextrin to whey protein for faster glycogen replenishment and repair muscles after workout.

10 Tasty Muscle Building Shakes for You

Here are 10 bodybuilding shakes divided into categories for optimal consumption. Right shake at the right time.

  1. 3 Any time Muscle Building shakes
  2. 2 Post workout Muscle Building shakes
  3. 2 Pre-bedtime Muscle Building shakes
  4. 2 Muscle Building Shakes without Protein Powder
  5. Detox Muscle Building Shake
  6. My Muscle Building SuperShake

3 Anytime Muscle Building Shakes

This is my favourite shake. I call it the TMS shake. Its a perfect meal replacement shake for times when you cannot have a perfect meal.

1. Peanut Banana Protein Muscle Builder

1-2 scoops of chocolate protein powder

1 medium banana
1 tbs of natural peanut butter
4 graham crackerS
2 cups of 1% milk
1 cup of ice
10g BCCAs {optional but recommended}

Special Tips:

Add 2 scoops if you want this shake to replace a meal.
Add 1 scoop, 2 crackers and 1 cup milk if you are drinking this in addition to a meal.

Ideal for:

Any time of the day as meal replacement

2. Berry Protein Muscle Blaster

1-2 scoops of Vanilla protein powder
Strawberries/blueberries/blackberries as per your taste
4 graham crackers
1 Cup Plain yogurt
1 cup of ice
10g BCCAs {optional but recommended}

Special Tips:

You can try any combination of berries

Ideal for:

Any time of the day

3. Choco Mocha Muscle Shake

2 cups chocolate protein powder
1 cup whole milk
1 tsp instant coffee
4 graham crackers
8 - 10 almonds
Stevia for taste

Special Tip:

In step one, blend all the ingredients except protein powder and ice. Once blended, add protein powder and ice and then blend on high for 2 minutes.

Ideal for:

This is best for breakfast as it provides 400 calories, 45g proteins, 25g carbs and 10g of hormone building fats.

2 Awesome Post Workout Muscle Building Shakes

Post workout is the Ideal time to kickstart the muscle building process, so make it a priority.

The next 2 shakes are ideal after workouts as they provide nearly 700 calories, 40-50g proteins and 100g of carbs.

4. Post Workout Muscle Blaster One

500 ml of Water
40g of chocolate whey protein
50g of maltodextrin/dextrose
10g BCCA
5g Creatine monohydrate
5g Beta alanine {recommended but optional}

Special Tips:

The large volume ensures quicker digestion. Whey and BCCAs facilitate protein synthesis, creatine helps restore muscle creatine level back to normal and maltodextrin is the fastest acting carb.

5. Post Workout Muscle Blaster Two

1 Cup fat-free milk
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
1/4 cup oats
1 Frozen Banana
25g of maltodextrin/dextrose
10g BCCA 5g Creatine monohydrate
5g Beta alanine {recommended but optional}

Special Tip:

Add frozen banana and protein powder at the end and run blender on high.

Insider Tricks for optimal Post-workout Nutrition 

  1. Avoid sucrose around workout. Although it is a simple sugar, it takes time for digestion and metabolism before the body can use it. Plain glucose or maltodextrin is faster.
  2. The exact protein and carb requirement depends on your caloric intake as explained in the muscle building nutrition section.
  3. Avoid fats around workout as they slow your digestion, a situation we want to avoid around workout.

2 Pre-bedtime Muscle Building Shakes

The goal of your bedtime shake is to provide a slow yet sustained release of nutrients to ensure continuous supply of proteins for longer period of time.

Enter casein, a milk protein known for its slow digestion.

6. Bedtime Shake One:

300ml Water
40-80g casein protein
10g Olive oil
10g BCCAs
Vanilla extract
3g Fish Oil {optional but recommended}

7. Bedtime Shake Two: 

300ml Water 40-80g casein protein
10g Udo’s Choice oil
10g BCCA
Peppermint extract
3g Fish Oil {optional but recommended}

Special Notes:

Why so thick?

The thick shake ensures a slow and sustained release of proteins.

Why no carbs?

Fats replace carbs before bedtime as you don’t need carbs during sleep and they are more likely to be stored as fat

Fats slows the digestion/absorption even more and help muscle growth.

Here are some tips on the perfect Muscle Building Shake before bed.

Muscle Building Shakes without Protein Powder

Out of protein powder or just looking for a protein shake without proteins, here are two cool muscle building shakes without protein powders.

8. Shake without Protein Powder One:

2 cups of yogurt {170g per cup in a container}
1 spoon natural peanut butter
2 tsps flaxseeds
1 tsp honey

9. Shake without Protein Powder Two:

2 cups Kefir {yogurt with added kefir grains}
1 medium banana
1 tsp honey

These shakes will be more like smoothies due to more yogurt but yogurt and kefir are excellent sources of proteins.

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Detox Shake for Body Cleansing and Healthier You

Did you know that your body’s ability to handle proteins and fats can be the biggest limiting factor for muscle building

Digestion and absorption is the key to building muscle and this Green energiser is perfect for gut, liver and total body cleansing. Use it 2-3 times a week and you will have more energy, better digestion and less gas/stool issues.

10. Super Green Detox Shake

1/2 cup Kale
2 Stalks of Celery
2 apples
1/2 cup spinach
One leaf of lettuce
Lemon for taste

Special Tips:

Instead of apples also try kiwi, peach or mango for variety.

This is greens-in-a-pack for your muscle building vitamin/mineral/antioxidant requirement. Kale has high amount of proteins too.

Make Every Shake a SuperShake

I discovered the power of superfoods and have never looked back. Here's my muscle shake on steroids...

Goji berries, Cacao and Maca Powder are Muscle Building Superfoods

Mateen’s Fly high protein Supershake

Add any of the berries, goji berries, cacao powder or beans, maca powder to the above shakes and make them superfood muscle shakes.

These superfoods are loaded with at least 10 micronutrients {hence called superfoods} and stimulate testosterone production naturally.

Muscle Building Shakes Grocery List

Select your muscle shake recipes and make a grocery list for them exclusively. You can do it with your weekly muscle cooking grocery list.

  • Always pick fresh fruits over frozen ones.
  • Eat organic at least few times a week
  • Buy whole fat milk, fat-free is an incomplete food

200 Tasty Anabolic Muscle Building Recipes and Shakes

My friend Dave Ruel is a masterchef at creating easy, tasty muscle building shakes and recipes.

His ebook Anabolic Cooking has 200+ Muscle building Meal plans. It also comes with bonus post workout shakes. Click here to find 200 delicious muscle building recipes.

Summary and Action Plan

Muscle Building Shakes are an excellent option for quick, convenient and easy way to add lots of calories to your nutrition plan. Times such as post-workout demands quick absorbing nutrients and shakes are perfect for that.

Juicing or smoothie making is a simple art. You will need to learn it not only for building muscles, but also for painting peak energy all your life. So master it.

It will make a real difference.

FAQs - Common Questions on Muscle Shakes

1. Which is the best protein powder for muscle building shakes?

Whey protein is the best protein for shake making. Whey:

  • is very tasty, mixes easily and quickly absorbed by your body
  • can be bought in bulk and carried for anytime shakes
  • has highest biological values {159} for optimal protein synthesis

2. Is Casein protein a good alternative for shake making?

Casein has a lower biological value of 77, but don’t let that fool you.

Due to its slow digestion and absorption, casein is perfect for bedtime protein shake. It ensures a slow and sustained release of proteins for most part of the night and a positive nitrogen balance.

3. I am allergic to milk proteins. What should I do?

You can try soy, egg, hemp and rice proteins. 

4. What is wrong with Meal Replacement Powders?

3 problems:

  1. They come in the wrong macronutrient ratios
  2. Are loaded with sugars which are unnecessary and unhealthy
  3. Are mostly added with filler material which only adds bulk 

Also they are expensive like hell. You can save upto 50% money by making your own shakes.

5. I am a vegetarian bodybuilder. Any special shake ideas?

All the above 10 shakes are perfect for vegetarians unless you avoid milk and milk products. In such cases add soy, egg, hemp and rice proteins to plain water and make your shake.

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