The Best Muscle Building Shake before bed for all night muscle building

A high protein, high quality fat and low carbohydrate muscle building shake before bed is the perfect way to build muscle mass all night long. Try the shake below for best results.

Your nutrition was perfect all day long. You had nutritious breakfast and lunch, your workout nutrition was optimal and the post-workout shake was perfect. But how will your body survive the 8 hours of night time fasting?

Enter Muscle Building Shakes designed to drink before bedtime/at night to ensure you build muscle mass all night long.

Inside This Article:

Why Bedtime Nutrition Matters
OR What to eat before bed to gain muscle

Here's a shocker: Sleep is Catabolic, i.e. your break your muscles during sleep. And since muscle building is muscle growth minus muscle breakdown, its our job to prevent this breakdown.

How? Provide a slow, sustained release of nutrients {especially proteins - amino acids} throughout the night. Optimise bedtime nutrition with low volume shake filled with slow acting proteins and high quality fats.

And by doing that you can you can make your sleep very anabolic.

The perfect mix: Casein and fats.

  • Casein, a slow digesting protein is your perfect partner. 
  • High quality fats further slows the digestion and keeps positive nitrogen balance {high amino acids in blood}.

So with that lets make the perfect night shake...

The Perfect Muscle Building Shake before bed/at night

Night Muscle Shake One:

Here's the formula:

  • 300ml water
  • 50 - 80g casein powder
  • 10g flax oil
  • 10g krill oil
  • 10g BCAAs

These 5 ingredients make up the perfect night shake.

300ml water: The low volume slows digestion and minimises stomach discomfort while sleeping

50 - 80g casein: Ensures whole night protein release. Avoid whey as they are fast acting and best for pre and post-workout shakes.

Krill and Flax Oil: Replaces carbs which are poorly digested at night and further slows digestion.

BCAAs: Branched chain amino acids are proven to be anti-catabolic, means they spare muscle proteins from breaking down.

Night Muscle Shake Two:

Night Muscle Shake Three:

200+ Muscle Building Recipes

Why stop with shakes when you can cook simple muscle meals in as little as 15 mins? 

Real, natural foods are the best way to build muscle mass. Learn to make 200+ anabolic muscle building here.

The Best Muscle Building Program to build muscle and gain mass

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