4 Best Muscle Building Workouts for Beginners and Skinny guys to Gain Muscle

The right muscle building workout can make the biggest difference in bodybuilding. Here are 4 muscle building workouts beginner bodybuilders you can do at home or in the gym.

Your last muscle building workout failed you

So, the cool muscle building workout from the magazine didn't work for you. Why would it? It was meant for big guys on steroids who want to get bigger.

If you are a beginner natural bodybuilder, then you need a workout personalised for you and your needs. As a skinny guy you need YOUR plan. Not some copy/paste from a bodybuilding magazine written by a mesomorph bodybuilder whose muscles are only big due to the juice, not science.

I know because I fell for those for long before I discovered how to  create workout for my body and my skinny ectomorph body has never been the same.

In this article I am going to show you the same. Whatever your level of fitness below are 4 proven muscle building workouts for beginners to get started the right way.

Inside this Article:

Why Beginners should target Total Body Workouts Every Time

Deadlift and Pull Ups - 2 maximum Mass Builders

As a Beginner your goal is clear - To Build Big Muscles ASAP {as soon as possible}.

You want to get big in no time. You have no time for muscle sculpting, chiseling or toning. Big and Muscular is all that you want.

So what is the best way of doing that? Targeting the biggest muscles of your body by multi-joint, compound moves.

Don't let that scare you. it simply means you need a workout plan that targets your biggest muscle group with the best exercises.

Why? Because such exercises:

  • Releases maximum amounts of anabolic hormones like growth hormone and testosterone
  • Helps lift maximum weights and hence generate maximum tension {tension = muscle growth} and
  • Creates an incredible amount of metabolic stress {stress = muscle growth}

Take care of these 3 things and your muscles will have no choice but to grow.

The coming 4 workouts focus on such exercises and muscle groups to give you the biggest returns for your time and effort.

But before that...

Pick Your Goal, Pick Your Tool and Get Stared

Pick your Muscle Building tool - Bodyweight, Dumbbell or Barbell

Your goal and the tool you select impacts your workout plan more than anything else.

Your Goal: To build maximum muscle in minimum time

Your Tools: Bodyweight or Free weights

Your Battlefield: Home or gym

If you are an absolute beginner who has never trained with weights, then your body should be your first gym.

If you have been training for at least 3 months, then its time to learn proper weight training methods to build muscle mass.

Pick your workout below and get started...

4 Best Muscle building Workouts for Beginners

Pick your tool and your battlefield and get started today.

Home Workouts:

Gym Workouts:

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Home Muscle Building Workouts

Bodyweight Muscle Building Workout for Beginners

"You have no business lifting heavy iron until you can lift, stabilise and move your bodyweight efficiently". 

Your body is your first gym.

The first weight you should with is your bodyweight. Bodyweight training builds muscles, build strength and prepares you for heavy weight training using free weights.

My bodyweight conditioning program also builds your tendons and ligaments and provides you with a bailed base for heavy lifting in the future.

Bodyweight training are also excellent for functional muscle building for athletes and sports excellence.

Your goal is simple: To create maximum flexibility, metabolic stress and muscular tension which are crucial for muscle growth {hypertrophy}.

"Do big muscle group exercises with high reps and minimal rest."

Bodyweight Workout for beginners at Home

This is the most effective total body workout using bodyweight only.

Here's how to do it:

Perform A1 exercise, rest for 30 seconds, perform A2 exercise, rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this combo for 3 times.

Then perform B1,B2 combo in the same fashion, followed by C1,C2 Combo.

As you can see I have paired upper and lower body exercises in one combo. This provides adequate rest for body parts and maximal performance.

Note: If you cannot do any combo 3 times, do it for 2 times.

You goal is to build enough stamina over 4 weeks to be able to do each combo 5 times. You will be surprised with your muscle and strength gains in mere 4 weeks.

Total Body Muscle building Workout at Home

This workout calls for a simple home gym with:

  • a set of adjustable dumbbells,
  • barbell plates,
  • barbell and
  • an adjustable bench.
  • A pull up bar is optional but highly recommended.

No fancy leg extension and pull down machines here.

Workout One:

Workout Two:

How to do them:

  1. These are 3 day per week workouts which are best for beginner bodybuilders.
  2. Both workouts are total body workouts targeting both upper and lower body equally.
  3. Perform Workout One on Monday, Workout Two on
    Wednesday. Repeat Workout One on friday and so on.

    Monday: Workout One
    Tuesday: Rest
    Wednesday: Workout Two
    Thursday: Rest
    Friday: Workout One
    Sat and Sun: Rest
    Start with Workout Two on monday and so on

  4. Perform 2 warm up sets with 50% and 70% of 1 rep max before the work sets.
  5. Dont perform warm ups for #3 and #4 as your muscles will be already warmed up.

Gym Muscle Building Workouts

Once you finish the 4 week bodyweight conditioning workout plan, you will be ready for some serious lifting. 

Here are 2 total body workouts you can do in the gym.

You will need gym equipments like lat pulldown machine, leg press/extension and calf machines for these workouts.

Total Body Muscle Building Workout in Gym

Workout One:

Workout two:

Perform Workout One on Monday, Workout Two on 
Wednesday. Repeat Workout One on friday and so on. Start next Monday with workout two.

Split Body Muscle Building Workout in Gym

The total body workout is ideal for beginners but you can build muscle with a split training routine too. 

Here you will be training each body part twice a week using a 4 day workout plan.

Click here to read about the 4 day split muscle building workout. You can choose between two plans - Plan A or Plan B.

Your 6 week Muscle Building Program

To build maximum muscle mass and get the best results from your program you need to work the program for at least 4-6 weeks. I have explained this in the 6 week training effect article.

Your best gains lie in weeks 4 - 6 as super compensation takes over.

The Best Muscle Building Program for Skinny Hardgainers

Watch the free video below to learn the muscle building secrets from Vince Delmonte, the skinny guy saviour. He reveals how he gained 41 pounds of muscle mass in 24 weeks in the video.

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