How to Dump the Hardgainer Title and Become an Easy Gainer

Did you know that simply believing that you are a hardgainer can bring your results to a screeching halt? Yes, its true.

The Solution? Dump the title. Here is my proven formula to dump the hardgainer title, think like an easy gainer and build muscle mass faster than ever before.

Dump the Hardgainer Title and Think & Act Like an Easy Gainer!

"Stop Labelling Yourself as Hardgainer and Start Thinking of Yourself as an Untapped Reservoir with Explosive Muscle and Strength" - Vince Delmonte

Inside This article:

A Simple Story for Hardgainers to Show the Power of Belief

The world of medical research {I am a doctor turned muscle coach, remember?} has shown me the power of belief.

When we study any new drug, we give the drug to half a group of people {called cases} and give a drug look-alike pill with nothing inside to another half {called control}.

The empty pill is called a Placebo. Guess the results? The cases group show positive results if the drug is effective, but its the control group that shocks us.

Since the patient who takes the placebo doesn’t know about the empty pill, he/she believes that the drug will cure/treat them. And good results do follow. Its as if the pill had an effective drug!

How can an empty pill treat a patient? Its called the Placebo effect and works because the patient believes that he/she is taking a wonder drug that will treat/cure him/her.

That is the power of belief. The pill was empty, but the mind was filled with belief. 

What about you? just like positive beliefs create positive results, negative beliefs can sabotage your results.

Don’t you think that labelling yourself a hardgainer is sabotaging your results? It is, and here is how...

How the "Hardgainer Belief" is sabotaging your results

As you have seen, your mind accepts whatever you make it believe and then acts accordingly. Its a very powerful weapon but the input is up to you only.

As you believe, so shall it be.

Guess what happens when you believe that you are a hard gainer and building muscle is VERY difficult for you.

Your efforts become weak. Your mind says, "why all the hard work when muscle mass will be difficult to come by?"

Repeat the "I am a hardgainer title" often in your mind and it accepts your belief as truth. And it acts accordingly. It send weak signals to your muscles, which in turn send weak signals for proteins synthesis. 

See the cycle? With such a belief you might get at best 5 to 10 pound muscle gain.

Are you using Hardgainer as an Excuse?

I have been there, and therefore can with experience.

Its easy to blame results on bad genetics, ectomorph bodytype and long bones. This will put a blanket cover-up on inconsistent workouts, improper eating and extravagant social lifestyle which might be the actual reasons for slow muscle gains.

But ask yourself. Are you playing the Hardgainer Card to disguise poor efforts? You are the bets judge?

Ask yourself, "Is there anyone who is in similar or worse conditions like me but working very hard working towards his goals and I am making excuses?" If yes, then you are playing the hardgainer card and its sabotaging your results. There are hundreds of hardgainer stories who are packing on mass.

Bottomline: Wrong Belief --> Poor Efforts --> Poor Results --> Justification with the Hardgainer Title

But can you overcome this wrong belief? Yes, its time to...

Dump the Hardgainer Title and Become an Easy Gainer

I am sure you agree that your choice of words impacts your expectations, actions and thereby results.

Since you get what you focus on, why not focus on what's possible? Why not believe that you are an explosive powerhouse of muscular growth? Imagine the impact such a belief can have on your actions!

To support my suggestion, see examples of people like me or Vince. After repeated failing, I built 24 lbs on 15 short weeks.

Vince Delmonte added 41 pounds to his hardgainer frame within 6 months.

If others can you, so can you. 

Believe in your ability, believe in others stories. AND BEGIN TO ACT AS IF YOU ARE AN EASY GAINER. 

As you believe, so shall it be.

Best Hardgainer Muscle Building Program

The best program for hardgainer muscle building is the No Nonsense Muscle Building Program by Vince Delmonte.

It is the exact same program that Vince used to add 41 pounds of muscle mass in 24 short weeks. I highly recommend it.

Summary and Action Points

"Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve".

Believe that you are a hardgainer and so shall you be.

Believe that are an easy gainer, an explosive reservoir of muscular growth and strength. And act accordingly, act as if you cannot fail.

To your new mind and new body.

All the Best

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