How to Do Clean and Press Exercise with Perfect Technique

Clean and Press Exercise is the best exercise for Total Body training.

The power of total body exercises in building muscle mass in record time is well known. But what if you ask me one single exercise that builds your upper and lower body in one single move? My answer will be the Clean and Press Exercise or C & P exercise.

Clean and Press Exercise

Here are the facts:

Presses are the best upper body moves and deadlifts are the best lower body move.

Since that is true, the clean and press exercise is double effective a building muscle mass because it combines the two into one powerful move that has been the staple exercise for many old time bodybuilders.

Inside This article:

The Benefits of Clean and Press Exercise

Cleaning is a term used to pick a barbell or dumbbell off the floor.

It involves your lower back and hamstrings muscles with quadriceps playing a role too.

The press involves pulling the bar from the thigh position and pressing it overhead. It involves the deltoids and triceps.

The biggest benefits?

  1. This compound move that target upper and lower body muscles - total body training
  2. Maximum muscular involvement - The more muscles you target, the more anabolic hormones are released. All this means more muscle growth.
  3. Saves time

How to Perform Clean and Press with Correct Technique

Clean and Press Exercise

The Clean:

Here you lift the barbell off the floor and in one clean swing get it to your shoulder level.

Key: Push your feet into the ground to get the bar off the floor.

The Mid Position:

This is similar to the start position of military press exercise. Keep your abs and butt tight for best lift.

The Press:

This is the second part of the exercise. It differs from the military press because in this move, you bend your knees slightly to lift the barbell overhead.

The slight knee bend gives you a push/momentum.

This push differentiates the C & P from plain barbell press exercise.

Dumbbell and Kettlebell C & Ps

Want variety? DO the C and P with dumbbells or kettle bells.

The added stability factor makes the exercise difficult. Use less weights for best form.

I prefer the barbell move as it helps me lift max weights and I love big weights!

Clean and Press is an excellent exercise for maximum muscle in minimum time. The NNMB Muscle building Program is my highest recommended program for fast muscle gains.

It has the best exercises, rolled into one amazing 26 week workout plan designed to help hardgainers build muscle mass faster.

Check out the video below for more info.

Summary and Action Points

Most people do shoulder press or deadlifts, but by combining the two moves you get double the results.

If you train 3 days a week, then perform upper body on day 1 and lower body on day 3. Add C and Ps on day 5.

This, when done seriously will add pounds to your frame.

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