The Best 4 Week Chest Workout for Intermediate Bodybuilders

You are no more a beginner and your chest isn’t responding like it used to.

What can you do to pump new results? Use my 4 week chest workout for intermediate bodybuilders {who have at least 2 years of solid training} and kickstart new muscle growth.

I have taken my clients from 40 to 45 inches chest in 4 months with this chest workout for intermediate bodybuilders.

Inside This Article:

How to Go from Big to Bigger

Mike Westerdal got from big to Bigger. How? See end of article!

As a beginner, you had a distinct advantage. Your body responded quickly to the workout and chest muscle gains came faster.

But as an intermediate bodybuilder, you need to change your strategy. The same exercises produce diminishing results. Means, the more you work, the less you gain.

Big to Bigger

But how do you kick-start your lagging chest again? By using my favourite agonist-antagonist chest workout.

This superset workout is a proven winner. 

Here, instead of performing chest exercises alone, you superset them with back exercises.

Chest and back muscles are opposite in action. When chest works, back relaxes and vice-versa. Chest training stimulates back muscles and back training stimulates your chest.

There is research to prove this antagonist pairing and such super-setting stimulates your chest muscles very well.

One key: Perform same number of sets and reps for both chest and back muscles.

Ready to workout? Let's go...

4 Week Chest Workout for Intermediate Bodybuilders 

The workout below is a 3 day workout. You will be training your chest & back 2 times a week.

Monday: Chest and Back

Wednesday: Legs

Friday: Chest and Back

See the Power of Simplicity in Chest Training

Why no Shoulder and Arm training? 

To avoid over-training. It ensures your target rains chest training. I have added a leg workout to keep your lower body in shape.

How to use this 4 Day Workout

Week one:

Day One: Train chest and back muscles using the opposing paired moves as shown. Use the same width on both the exercises for optimal results.

Work in the low rep range of 6 to 9.

Day Three: Lower body workout with squats, leg curls and calf raises

Day Five: Use the moderate rep range of 9 to 12.

These two rep ranges works your chest muscles through their entire muscle fiber range - both high threshold and low threshold muscle fibers, giving you total muscle development.

Week 2,3, and 4 - How to Progress:

Use my 5% strength solution formula on week 2,3 and 4.

Every Monday add 5% weight.

If last week you pressed 100 lbs, next Monday will be 105 lbs.

This progression is the best way for intermediate bodybuilders to pack on chest muscle mass while increasing your bench press drastically.

Recommended Chest Muscle Building Program

Critical Bench Bench Press is an excellent program  for intermediate bodybuilders to increase your bench press and build muscle mass too.

It has helped Mike Westerdal add 300 pounds to his bench press and shows how you can add 50 lbs to your bench press in only 10 weeks.

Check out the critical bench muscle Program.


The antagonist pairing with alternating intensities is an excellent way to target your chest muscles.

I have successfully used this on intermediate bodybuilders to take their chest training to a whole new level.

For best gains, Highly recommend the Critical Bench Chest Training Program.

All the best.

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