Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally and Build Muscle Faster

Here’s the fact. You cannot build muscle with low testosterone. You need optimal levels of testosterone for fast muscle gains. And steroids are the worst possible answer.

Testosterone Equals Muscle. Period!

So whats the solution? Increase your testosterone levels naturally without dangerous drugs or useless supplements.

Use my 5 tips below and you will not only build muscle mass, but also gain peak health. All the other benefits optimal T-levels bring will be a cool bonus.

Inside this article:

What is Testosterone? A Small Primer

Testosterone or T, is an anabolic steroid hormone produced by Leydig cells of Testis in men. And Leydig cells use cholesterol to make testosterone!

It forms the backbone of bigger muscles, masculine looks and optimal sex drive. Women have it too but in very low levels.

Have you noticed the high, uncontrollable energy teens have? Its due to testosterone surge we get during teen years. And what about the low energy, low excitement in older years? Its due to fall in testosterone with ageing.

But the biggest reason testosterone interests us is because it is the most potent anabolic bodybuilding hormone in the body. 

To know more lets see...

How Testosterone Build Bigger Muscles

Testosterone Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis

Without getting into molecular details here is what happens.

When testosterone levels are optimal in your body, it signals the muscle cells to increase protein synthesis. This occurs naturally during growing years but the biggest spurt occurs in response to muscle training.

Progressive resistance training forces your muscles to adapt by getting bigger. And who signals your muscles? Testosterone and IGF-1.

These hormones literally forces nutrients {proper nutrition is hence the key} into your muscle cells. 

The result? Bigger, stronger muscles with more contractile proteins for heavier lifts. 

Remember, testosterone works together with another hormone called Insulin like growth factor -1 or IGF-1. I have covered more details in how muscle grows section. You will also learn how testosterone activates the dormant muscle cells called satellite cells in that section.

Do YOU Need Testosterone to Build Muscles?

Naturally? Yes. Artificially? No.

The huge muscles of pro bodybuilders do not lie. Anabolic hormones work but when you take them in artificial forms, you risk your health and invite numerous side effects of steroid therapy.

You see, your body is very smart. If you try to trick it with artificial steroid supplements, your hormone machine {called endogenous production} shuts down and drastically reduce your natural hormone production. 

It will take a long time to recover your natural levels. Big muscles will come at big price. So steroids are a big no, no!

But what about natural means? You should do everything you can to increase your testosterone levels by natural means.

Training does increase anabolic hormone levels but proper training can boost them more {details below}. Same goes for nutrition and sleep.

5 Tips to Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

One: Provide the raw materials for testosterone production

Although men under 40 have very good levels of testosterone hormone, modern foods have shifted the testosterone/oestrogen {T:E} ratio towards oestrogen. Testosterone boosts muscle growth and oestrogen, when excess makes you ill. You can imagine what happens when you have low T:E ratio!

Why this ratio reverses? Because of limited and wrong food choices. The high estrogenic foods in modern society is a slow poison eating away our vital T. Below are 5 T boosting foods you can add to your diet. 

Make sure you get at least one of these foods daily for consistent T-building materials.

5 Testosterone Boosting Foods:

Healthy fats like

  1. Olive oil
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Egg yolks
  4. Nuts & Seeds and
  5. Fish

These should comprise at least 30% of your diet. 

Testosterone also requires vitamins like A, B and D plus minerals like zinc, selenium and magnesium. A good multi vitamin/mineral is a must for bodybuilders. 

Add these foods to your everyday diet, give it a month and the results will surprise you.

Two: Reduce/stop eating these 3 testosterone killers - Processed Foods, Sugar and soy products

Sugar and processed foods cause an insulin spike that will increase the level of stress hormones in your body. And guess what? Stress hormones like cortisol suppresses testosterone production.

Many trainers have got better results by consciously reducing the 3 poisons - white sugar, white flour and white salt. Try it!

Three: Increase lactic acid by longer sets but <45 min workouts

Vince Delmonte in his Gene Expression Program calls it the master chemical and for good reason. Lactic acid that is produced during intense workout activates your testosterone production like nothing else.

Recall the intense burn you get at the end of your set? Its due to lactic acid production. Heavy exercise creates lots of lactic acid but there is a caveat.

You cannot lift a max of 3 to 5 reps per set and expect high lactic acid. You need multiple sets of 6 to 20 reps for max lactic acid production. NNMB covers very powerful training strategies to maximise hormone production.

And discussed earlier, workouts over 60 mins cause a drop in testosterone and rise in cortisol. Short intense workouts with moderate rests and shorter rests are the key for muscle hypertrophy.

Four: Sleep like a baby

If nature dedicates 1/3rd of our lives to sleep, then there is a clue for us muscle builders in it. Sleep is the most anabolic activity you can do provided you have solid nutrition to back it up.

Anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone peak during 10 pm to 2 am and if you sleep late you are missing a crucial anabolic window.

Five: Don’t use unproven testosterone booster supplements

There are dozens of testosterone boosters on the highly unregulated market of health supplements. 99% of these supplements are waste of your time/money and some might even harm your health.

As a medical doctor, I do not prescribe testosterone to anyone except hypogonadism, patients who have low T levels.

Stay away from supplements, rather try the above 5 tips.

If you are serious about boosting testosterone naturally and build muscle mass faster, then I highly recommend 2 programs.

One: The NNMB Muscle Building Program

This is a complete bodybuilding program that not only boosts testosterone but builds healthy, muscular body that you can be proud of. It includes nutrition and training secrets to maximise your muscle potential.

Two: 24-Hour Testosterone FIX program is an excellent guide too but try the supplement at your own.

I admire Mike and Anthony and have reviewed their T-guide. Its worth its price.

BUT they promote their supplement called horny goat weed fusion which I would not recommend.

The guide is excellent though. Buy the guide, ditch the supplement.


Testosterone is the most powerful muscle building hormone. Your body produces sufficient amounts normally, provided you give it the right raw materials and train/sleep right.

Stay away from supplements though. But a natural muscle building program like Gene expression NNMB Program is worth its price in gold!

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