The Best Bodybuilding Diet for Menfor Building Lean Muscles

Stop the bodybuilding diet confusion with my proven 40/30/30 bodybuilding diet for men and design your perfect muscle building nutrition plan to build lean muscle and burn fat.

The Best Starting Bodybuilding Diet Plan for Men

Bodybuilding Diet for Men - The Big Dilemma 

Bodybuilders are a confused lot now a days.

  • Steroids have clouded expert nutrition advice.
  • Media has scared even the best informed about fat intake
  • Everyday FAD diets add to the confusion.

Add fast foods and ever-changing supplement-loaded advice in muscle mags to the equation and even the best intentions go awry.

In this article you will know why the 40/30/30 diet is the best bodybuilding diet for men and an optimal starting point for any bodybuilder. You will also see how to make adjustments to see optimal results - lean muscle gains with improved strength.

The big guy down under will be happy too!

Inside This Article:

The Main Goal of Bodybuilding diet for men

As a bodybuilder you diet plan has 3 main goals:

  • Build maximum lean muscle mass in less time
  • Avoid unhealthy fat gains
  • Provide with high quality fats for testosterone production

Also any diet should provide immunity building vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

In short: Healthy Muscle Building.

I have found that the 40/30/30 diet does that wonderfully. 

Let's see ...

What is the 40/30/30 Bodybuilding Diet Plan for Men

The 40/30/30 diet stands for:

  • 40% calories from complex carbohydrates,
  • 30% calories from first class proteins and
  • 30% calories from essential hormone building fats.

This is how the plate looks like on the 40/30/30 diet.

I have filled the plate with REAL, unprocessed muscle building foods. You can a quality supplement like whey to the mix.

Why the 40/30/30 plan works INCREDIBLY WELL for men

The biggest problem most bodybuilding diets have is too much reliance on proteins and carbs. Fats are the enemy, avoid them.

But the over-reliance on carbs and importance of fats have been proven recently.

3 Reasons for the 40/30/30 diet - Moderate carbs, higher proteins and fats. Here's why:

1. Carbohydrates, that formed 50% of the bodybuilder's diet have changed drastically. 

Carbs today are highly processed, high glycemic index and contains hidden sugars that cause insulin {the muscle/fat builder} to go haywire.

2. The role of essential fatty acids in building hormones like testosterone is taking the centre stage

High quality fats rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid which are the key raw materials of testosterone production.

Maurio Di Pasquale has changed the way bodybuilders eat by bringing research {both theory and practical results} that backs the use of higher fats and lower carbs. 

Also as bodybuilders we need to eat plenty of calories. Fats help us reach our caloric goal easier as each gram provides 9 calories!

Worried about cholesterol? The cholesterol theory has been disproved now. Instead of being scared of cholesterol causing heart disease, the recommendation is eat whole eggs but limit the quantity. Read the Dietary Guidelines Committee report here.

The committee is considering withdrawing the earlier recommendations for cholesterol in its next guidelines. Many nutritionists who called the cholesterol theory a myth as proven right.

3. High carb intake over prolonged periods of time can cause Insulin resistance and gaining abdominal fat is a sure sign of some degree of insulin resistance.

Bonus Reason: Good fats used in cooking and muscle meals are very satisfying. They give you the sense of having eaten well, just like a well-fed bodybuilder should feel like.

How to Start your 40/30/30 Bodybuilding Diet

The first step in building your bodybuilding diet is to calculate the accurate number of your daily caloric intake.

The Muscle Building Nutrition section help you do that.

Here is my simple method:

A 150 lb guy needs 3000 calories.

Let's use the 40/30/30 formula for a 150lb bodybuilder

Muscle Goal: 3000 Calories

Applying the 40/30/30 ratio:

40% carbs: 1200 calories = 300 grams

30% proteins = 900 calories = 225 grams

30% fats = 900 calories =  100 grams

Divide this over 6 meals. 

You need to eat 50g carbs, 38g proteins and 17g fats.

This is the most effective way to build lean muscle, gain weight and increase your major lifts.

P.S. Nutrient timing is a key factor for lean muscle gains. I have covered nutrient timing here.

How to Make Small Adjustments in Your Diet

"Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions".

Assess your results every 4 weeks because your diet should create results in 4 weeks time, provided your training is effective.

Check for 3 keys:

  • Performance - Muscle Gain and Strength Gains
  • Recovery {Sleep} and 
  • Cognition

If your performance in the gym, sleep or mental clarity is suffering, then you have three options:

1. Persist: Give the body 2-4 more weeks to adapt.

2. Add 5% calories more from carbs making the diet - 45/30/25 ratio.

3. If muscle gains are poor, add 250 - 500 calories.

Train with higher intensity. If you don't stimulate muscles enough, your diet will not work as effectively.

4 Weeks later: Check for the 3 keys and adjust accordingly.

Can you cook like a Muscle Cook?

Once your caloric intake and macronutrient ratio is calculated, all that remains is eating the right foods and meal plans.

Bodybuilders who cook build muscle fastest. I speak it from experience. 

No supplement can/will ever compare with the benefits of REAL, natural muscle building foods.

I recommend Dave Ruel's Anabolic Cooking Recipes for this.

Master at least 7 breakfast and 7 lunch/dinner recipes and you results will skyrocket. 

Don't be a slave to restaurants, your wife or girlfriend. Cook yourself at least once a day or thrice a week.{BTW Girls dig guys who can cook, shows them you are an independent, confident guy}


Paul Chek, World's best Corrective Exercise coach says that "Men and Women are equal but not the same".

The 40/30/30 diet plan is perfect for male bodybuilders. The biggest advantage is improved sexual health. Your soldier will thank you for all the muscle building hormones flooding the system.

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