Gym Doesn't Have Bench Press? Two Awesome Alternatives

There are Alternatives to bench Press!

Your gym doesn’t have  a bench press and all you got is the flyes machine. What to do? Do not compromise with useless chest exercises like pec decks!

Instead perform floor press or a stability ball chest press exercises to get an excellent chest workout in the gym or at home. Time to press without the bench.

Here’s an all too familiar situation:

You are pumped up to hit the chest. You have decided to master bench press and turn your chest into a masterpiece. But you run into either of these 2 scenarios.

  • Your gym doesn’t have any proper bench press equipment OR
  • The bench press machine is packed with trainers

Or you might be working out at home with no bench.

What to do? Worry not. You don't have to settle for useless chest exercises. Actually you have 2 cool ways to bench without a bench.

  1. Floor Press or flyes
  2. Stability Ball Chest Press

Floor Press or Flyes Exercise for Effective Chest Training

Although you can use a sturdy box instead of a box and perform bench press with your upper back on the box and hips/legs on the floor {Old time lifter John Grimek's favourite}, I suggest you perform floor press instead. 

Floor presses and flyes are two of the most effective chest exercises. All you need is enough space to do it.

Flies are even better than presses. Just make sure that you rest, yes rest between reps. When you restart every rep, the pec stimulation is awesome.

Use the technique learn in the dumbbell flyes exercise.

Stability or Swiss Ball Chest Press and Flyes

Paul Chek, world renowned stretch coach and Charles Poliquin calls the Swiss ball the future of Pec training.

Why? Here are 3 reasons for starters:

  1. Longer range of motion: The round surface of Swiss ball allows you to lower dumbbells over a great range of motion
  2. You will do the movement in perfect form, which means perfect pec stimulation
  3. Extensive stimulation of your stabiliser muscles. All this means a strong core that is as good as it looks.

Now you can Press without Bench!

These two exercises can be done anywhere. No more waiting in line. Beat the bench press traffic.

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