How to Make Every Muscle Building Exercise You do More Effective INSTANTLY

5 Training Strategies to WIN!

You have selected the best exercise, the best reps,sets and tempo scheme. You even know all about negatives, forced reps and partials. But does this ensure that you are making the most of every exercise you do? No!

The best muscle stimulation depends on how effectively you perform every rep of your chosen exercise. 

Here are 5 killer strategies to get the best out of every single rep of every single exercise, every single time.

Its time to double your results, in half the time on every exercise you do.

Inside this Article:

  • The All Important Muscle Training Question
  • 5 Strategies for Max Muscle Stimulation
  • Kaizen or Continous Progression
  • 40 Days of perfect muscle building

The All Important Muscle Building Training Question

Here’s a Key Question you need to ask yourself every time you hit the gym: Is your training a Planned stimulation or randoms acts of variety?

The fastest muscle gainers know this. They realise that the best way to build muscle mass is to target max muscle stimulation. And that means total focus, perfect technique, strong mind-muscle connection and removal of anything unnecessary. 

Bruse Lee once wrote that Mastery is total removal of everything unnecessary.

And what do you get when you remove everything unnecessary? Only the pure, the essential, the indispensable.

So let’s hack away the unessential. In this article you will find 5 training techniques to make every single exercise you do double effective.

Let’s begin...

5 Muscle Training Strategies for Maximum Muscle Growth

1. Are you recruiting maximum muscle in every exercise?

You are using only 20-30% of your muscle potential

Do you know that you are using only 20 to 30% of potential muscle you got? Yes, even experienced lifters use only upto 50% of their true/total muscle potential. Electromyographic studies confirm this.

With this being true, imagine how much more you can lift if you could instantly use more of your already existing muscles. 

You could increase your PR {personal record} in every exercise instantly.

But how can you do that?

By using a technique I call The Tension Maximiser.

When you tense your your entire body, it behaves as one BIG MUSCLE. Your muscles forces multiply, giving you more strength than if you used only targeted muscles. 

This uses the law of irradiation which states that a muscle working hard recruits neighbouring muscles. Forget muscle cheating, this is called muscles cheering. Muscles cheer each other, and not cheat. Your strength goes off the roof.

Overall strength improvement means More muscle stimulation. And all this translates to Muscle Growth for you. 

Here’s how to use the tension maximizer technique in every single exercise.

In short: Grab Right, Abs and Butt tight!

Lets see the technique step-by-step

Step 1: Grab it Right

Grab a set of dumbbell or a barbell and get in starting position of any exercise of your choice. Now get as tight a grip as possible as if you are trying to crush the bar.

This initiates lot of changes and all muscles of hand and forearm fire like crazy.

Step 2: Gut tight and squeeze the butt

Take a deep breathe, suck your gut in and make it tight. Tighten your gut as if someone is going to punch you. Also squeeze your buttocks  as hard as possible. Essentially you are trying to shorten the distance between your navel {umbilicus} and your anal are. Its called Anal lock. Just visualise “pinching a coin” between your buttocks.

Step 3: Tense up

Now tense every muscle of your body, squeeze the barbell or dumbbell as if crushing it and push your feet into the ground.

These 3 steps ensure your body is tight and gut is rigid. Now when you lift, your whole body helps you lift the weight, not just the muscles in question.

Your body behaves as a whole organism, the way it is built to behave.

Does this technique build strength? Ofcourse. You have seen karate masters use this technique to break bricks and other such feats.

I agree this technique takes time. I have taught this to thousands and even experienced bodybuilders have been pleasantly surprised.

Remember all this happens before you move the bar!

Now its time to move the bar, but while doing so...

2. Establish strong mind-muscle connection and train with total focused concentration

Here’s another question:

Are you moving weight or making your making muscles work?

In other words are you initiating the movement using the target muscles and keeping constant tension throughout?

I find Ben Pakulski’s advice useful. He says, “Work the muscle, not the weight”.

When you work on just moving the weight, you use any means possible. But when you concentrate on moving the weight with the intended muscle, the muscle is stimulated to perfection. 


  1. Learn the best exercise for each muscle group
  2. Always Initiate movement from the working muscle
  3. Keep tension constant by actively focusing on working the target muscle
  4. Focus on tension, tension, tension
  5. Always perform exercises with full range of motion

Use Continuous accelerated training or CAT

Another technique you will find useful is to keep move the weight as fast as possible without bouncing the weight. Its called Continuous accelerated training wherein you move the bar with more and more force throughout the movement as leverages improve.

Do not let momentum finish the move, rather voluntary move the bar to completion.

For example in squats, when you come up towards the end do not let momentum finish the lift. Rather contract your quadriceps, butt muscles and hips to finish the move with same speed as when you were getting off the bottom.

This is a advanced muscle building technique, but hey you want fast results right? So use everything at your disposal. Remember small stuff Counts!

3. Use Isometric Advantage to generate even more tension

You have seen them. Ripped arms, round shoulders, impressive physiques. And they achieve that by holding their body in air for long periods.

Yes, I am talking about gymnasts and their isometric training on handing rings.

Isometric simply means holding weight without movement. But before you think about grabbing a weight for minutes, let me clarify.

This technique is simple yet profound. At the top of contraction you hold for a fraction of second. Although for most exercises I recommend NO PAUSE, I have found just a split second contraction to be very useful in generating max contraction.

4. Contract Triceps Muscle to make Biceps Muscle stronger INSTANTLY

This comes straight from my physiology study. I learnt that if you contract your biceps muscle, your triceps immediately get stronger.  

This is called the disinhibition effect and works greatly when weight training. 

Here’s how to use it.

Lets say you are doing a biceps curl exercise.

Use the principles 1 and 2 to start the exercise. When you lower the biceps, contract your triceps harder. This initiates the disinhibition principle {some refer it as successive induction principle}, and makes the biceps stronger. You can squeeze a few extra reps for your biceps curl with this technique.

Use it for all exercises. When you lower weights on shoulder or chest press, squeeze your back muscles hard, your shoulders and chest muscle get more strength immediately!

5. Use the Hebbian Rule to Max out 8 Muscle Builder Exercises

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Did you know that if you do an exercise constantly you make it easier to perform?

By repetition you create a new neural groove that makes future movements easier. 

This neural groove improves mental effort. So the next time you do an exercise, say bench press, the groove is greased and you can lift more.


  1. Stick to few basic muscle builders for 3-6 months
  2. Add variations after 3-6 months {sumo deadlift for conventional deadlifts} and continue to grow
  3. Constantly add weight to the bar for every exercise you selected

Kaizen or the Technique of Continuous Improvement

When I first discovered these principles I was overwhelmed. How can I concentrate on so many things at a time I thought!

But I recalled an old proverb, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

So I began practising them one at a time. And my results sky-rocketed.

So for fastest gains, try each technique one at a time, from strategy one to five.

Use Kaizen or the technique of Constant and Never Ending Improvement. And you will shock yourself and your friends!

Ready to train for maximum mass? Great!

Lace up your gym shoes, put on your sweats, and let's get started.

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