The Truth about 33:33:33 Bodybuilding Diet for Building Mass

Typical bodybuilding diet of 50/30/20 is NOT ideal for most of the bodybuilders. Try the 33/33/33 ratio bodybuilding diet to build lean muscle mass and improve your health profile too.

I have personally reduced carbs and added high quality fats and my results have been phenomenal.

The 33/33/33 Bodybuilding Diet Works like a charm!

Inside This article:

  • What is the 33/33/33 bodybuilding diet
  • Advantages of the 33/33/33 bodybuilding diet
  • Who should use and who should not
  • How and when to make small adjustments in your diet
  • The Best Muscle Building Nutrition for lean muscle gains
  • Summary

What is the 33/33/33 Bodybuilding Diet

33:33:33 Bodybuilding Diet

The most balanced diet for bodybuilders is the 33/33/33 diet with:

  • 33% Calories from Carbohydrates
  • 33% Calories from Proteins and
  • 33% Calories from Fats

The diet is simple: Eat equal number of calories from the 3 major foods sources.

Advantages of the 33:33:33 Bodybuilding Diet

The 33:33:33 diet calls for less carbs and more fats. Proteins remain the same as in typical bodybuilding diets.

Why low carbs?

Because carbs have changed dramatically. There is sugar everywhere. Average coffee contains 7 spoons sugar, fast foods are filled with sugary sauces and restaurant meals are heavy sugar-laden. High fructose corn syrup has made matters worse.

Secondly I find the carb advice of Ben Pakulski, author of MI40 Nutrition Program to be best. He says, "He who uses carbs best, wins. Not the one who uses the most carbs".

So maximise lean muscle gains and minis insulin burnout with carb timing. Golden Words for the health benefit of bodybuilders.

"Benefit? Lean Muscle Gains"

Good Fats Build testosterone

Why Higher Fat?

The typical bodybuilding diet of 50:30:20 and the anti-bias has unfortunately deprived bodybuilders with some of the tastiest, healthiest muscle building foods on the planet.

Beef, Salmon, nuts and seeds, essential oils like olive & coconut are frowned up on today but are very critical for bodybuilder's hormone building.

Just shift the 15% calories from carb sources to good fats and see the difference.

"Benefit? Peak Hormone health"

Insulin Resistance:

Higher sugars are the leading cause of insulin resistance. And insulin resistance means more fat around the abdomen.

Sugars set up a vicious cycle between insulin resistance and abdominal fat, each feeding the other. You end up a fat bodybuilder and wonder why those last 10 pounds never go away!

Bottomline: The 33:33:33 bodybuilding diet is the best way to build lean muscle mass while avoiding unwanted fat gains.

Who should use and who should not

Skinny Hardgainers need the 40:30:30 Plan

The 33:33:33 diet should be the starting point for all bodybuilders.

Remember, no diet is perfect. Change is the only option.

Once you stop seeing results or see less than optimal results, you make small adjustments as mentioned below.

Superfast metabolism?

The only reason I make changes is for skinny guys with super fast metabolisms.

If you are skinny, you can eat more carbs as you can tolerate them better. My advice for skinny ectomorphs {like the earlier me} is to start on a 40:30:30 diet.

If you are skinny fat, older than 40 or an advanced trainer, use the 33:33:33 formula and take it from there.

Make sure to get real time feedback and then...

Make small adjustments in your diet

Results are the bottomline and I am confident that 33:33:33 diet works very well for most.

And results are the best way to assess the nutrition plan effectiveness, provided you have given at least 2 - 4 weeks for the program to work its magic. {90% consistency is the rule}

I have 3 indicators to see the program effectiveness:

  • Performance
  • Sleep and
  • Mental Clarity {cognition}

Performance: Is your performance at its peak? Make no changes.

Sleep: Got undisturbed sleep 7-8 hours every night? Make no changes.

Cognition: Is your mental clarity impaired? No. Make no changes.

Any decline in any of the 3 indicators? Add carbs to make the diet 40:30:30

Most of us are so used to carbs {and hidden sugars} that the low carb diet produces any of the above 3 signs.

If you feel so, add carbs.

But don't make sudden, impulsive changes. You can try the...

Lean Muscle Gain Program

If you are training with the right intensity, then nutrition remains your only concern.

Ben Pakulski's MI40 is the best training and nutrition program for lean muscle gains.

I have used it and implemented it on my clients. He gives you can anabolic number and many strategies to build lean muscle mass.

Incidentally it is the best program to teach you optimal training strategies. He calls it the 40 rep, 40 minute, 40 exercises training program. 

Click here to learn more about MI40 Foundation.


If you have been following the higher carbohydrate bodybuilding diet with minimal results, switch to the low carb, higher fat 33:33:33 bodybuilding diet.

Stay with it for at least 2 - 4 weeks for training/nutrition effect to kick in.

Drop an email to let me know how it works.

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