2 Best Muscle Building Diet Programs for Bodybuilders

Lets cut the B.S.

If you Want the best muscle building gains of your life then you need a complete, personalised muscle building diet program, designed for a bodybuilder like you, not some cut-n-paste job.

Its time to Design your Muscle Building Diet

Here's the reality:

  • The magic shakes and meal replacements are not working.
  • Adding more proteins is not yielding any results and
  • All those costly vitamins are only giving you expensive urine.

What do you do? How do you ignite the results you are looking for?

By using a complete Muscle Building Diet Program.

This article covers everything you need for your new diet program.

Inside This Article:

The Key Ingredients of a Perfect Muscle Building program

Your height, weight, metabolism, lifestyle and personality are different. Then why use a cookie cutter diet program.

Your muscle building diet program should:

  • Be Designed for your body type and Goal
  • Give you a step by step plan and
  • Give course correction tips for continual gains

I have reviewed dozens of muscle building diet programs. Most programs are OK but since you need the best ones, the 2 programs below are the best.

1. Anabolic Cooking Complete Muscle Building Diet Program

The Complete Anabolic Cooking Program

Don't let the name make you believe that it is a cooking program only.

In my opinion, Anabolic Cooking Program is the most complete Muscle Building Diet Program many bodybuilders like you and me have been waiting for.

Here are the highlights:

1. Nutrition Fundamentals

This section will help you understand the role nutrients play in building muscle mass. The info is very clear cut here.

The quick start guides helps you start today.

2. Done for You Meal Plans with Calorie Calculator

The program helps you calculate your caloric requirements for your chosen goal {Dave gives plans for 4 goals - Maintenance, Cutting, Progressive weight gain and advanced weight gain}.

Then you simply crunch your numbers and calculator gives your exact caloric requirements.

Take those calories and pick your personalised meal plan with recipes and nutrition details.

My tip: Gained an extra inch of fat on mass gain program? Just select the new goal in the caloric calculator and continue your new diet for 2 weeks. 

3. 200+ Anabolic Cooking Recipes

This is the meat of the program.

What good is a "Eat 40g proteins, 40g carbs and 20g fats" advice if you don't know the exact meals that contain them.

Dave gives you 200+ recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Muscle Building snacks, shakes and desserts are included too.

4. Sample Muscle Meal Plans

Plans for 2000 to 5000 calories are ready if you just select the recipes, shakes and snacks. This is a life saver as it simplifies muscle eating immensely.

5. Post workout shakes

10 Protein shake recipes are included. I have tasted them and they are delicious. Try the Berry shake!

Also included:

A quick start and Ugly Truth about Supplements Guide.

Bottomline: 4.5/5 Points

Its a complete program that takes you from revealing the muscle building nutrition basics to helping you build a customised nutrition plan with muscle meals for you.

I give it a thumbs up. 

Click here to learn about the 200+ Anabolic Cooking Recipes.

2. MI40 Muscle Building Diet Program

"Do you know your Anabolic Number?"

Most nutrition books are filled with theory. Terms like anabolic, catabolism glycolysis, carb loading etc fill most books.

MI40 Nutrition and Training System is very different. I found it cut to the chase.

The Nutrition system called Mass Consumption Manual, is very simple to follow and is very personalised.

Here are the highlights: 

1. It is a 3 phase nutrition program called 3-PN 

The 3 Phase Nutrition emphasises on Intra-workout {P1}, pre/post workout {P2} and Rest of the day {P3} phases

2. Anabolic Number

It is a key number that you calculate depending your goal and your body fat levels.

You use this anabolic number to calculate your 3-PN nutrition.

3. Nutrition Manuals also reveals:

  • The key role hormones play and how to maximise them with proper nutrition
  • Good and bad food choices
  • How to plan your nutrition for peak workouts
  • Calculating your calories, macros and top 40 mass consumptions foods.

4. The Accelerator package contains

  • 7 day detox program
  • 7 day primer
  • Alkalinising green drinks and
  • Home made muscle shakes

5. Bonus: The 40 day Mass consumption Meal Plans

With so much info, I feel the MI40 is a high quality nutrition system.

Also Included:

40 Day training program, complete with exercise videos, Training manual, workout sheets and supplement stack.

Bottomline: 4.5/5 Points

MI40 is a complete muscle building program, not just a nutrition system.

I give it a thumbs up. 

My Verdict: How to Select the Best Program

Choose MI40: If you are a beginner bodybuilder and need a complete muscle building program with training, nutrition and supplement system, then I highly recommend the MI40 Foundation course.

Choose Anabolic Cooking: If your training is perfect and your nutrition lacks behind, then anabolic Cooking is the best nutrition program. It ticks all the boxes.

I have a copy of both these programs and they have been immensely useful.

Summary and Action Points

Never take nutrition lightly. Give it the seriousness it deserves.

And don't add proteins shake here or a meal there indiscriminately. 

Follow a complete system. Only then you will know whats working and how to make small adjustments.

Follow any of the two programs - Anabolic cooking or MI40 System.

You cannot go wrong with either of them.

All the best.

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